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Opera Bookmarks - View, Save, Edit and Search Functionality

  • Opera Developers - please consider the following, "mandatory BOOKMARK functionality" that seem to be lost from previous Opera Versions:
    BOOKMARKS: Very good new functionality, BUT:

    • It is important to be able to also see and edit the KEYWORDS and Website Description as it was in Opera 12;
    • Secondly, MOST IMPORTANTLY - one MUST be able to have the Bookmarks Tree visible (and editable) while also visiting
      any website.
      Why? Because, while reading the content of the site, one simultaneously search where the "best" applicable place is to
      store your new bookmark. (Things get complicated when one has 2,000+ bookmarks!)
    • Thirdly, it is a most HIGH irritation and DRAWBACK that the true SEARCH FUNCTION in Opera 37 (from Opera 12) is gone.
      One can search and find a bookmark and visit the site - OK.....;
      .....BUT trying to manage your bookmarks now is no longer possible;
      WHY? The following scenario is what users do: we ALSO search bookmarks to establish WHERE to SAVE a new Bookmark.....
      Opera 37 does not show WHERE your bookmark is located in the Bookmark Tree!! EXTREMELY Annoying....
      Please again add this functionality?

    I TRULY believe Opera can create a competitive advantage over other competitors, as it seems the others care less about Bookmarks.

    I refused to move from Opera 12 for YEARS, as I saw how Opera was struggling to "get it right". I was forced to use Opera 37 when migrating to Windows 10.

    It blows my mind that in this information age we live, no-one - now including Opera, cannot seem to get it right!? Such stupidly easy functionality to comprehend and do - but why is there this resistance to get it right?! Why not listen to the users?

    Take lessons from Nokia and BlackBerry..... as a user, I could have told these phone manufacturers what I wanted in functionality - and the technology was available! Now I have written to Opera, and I hope the developers can listen and "make things happen"?

    Welcome to contact me to provide you with valuable Consulting how to fix Opera 37.