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Flash unavailable - Plugin installations not working

  • For over a year now, I have been plagued by Flash content on Opera. First it stopped working on Opera 12, which I used until Opera caught up with Linux again. However the newer version is also without success.

    It was normally circumvented by using Google Chrome as it provided a buit-in plugin that supported flash. But the 32bit versionof Chrome also have now been discontinued. So the alternative is to resolve the original problem in the first place.

    I need some advice to install a workable flash plugin for the Opera browser on Linux (Fedora 23, 32bit).

  • Hi @starchyme1, although not recommended (the PepperFlash for 32-bit architecture is outdated, and therefore also insecure), you can follow the below steps, to make it work in the latest Opera stable 38 32-bit:

    1. Download the chromium-pepper-flash- package, and extract its contents as follows:

    rpm2cpio chromium-pepper-flash- | cpio -idmv


    file-roller -h chromium-pepper-flash-

    1. Navigate to the ./usr/lib/chromium subfolder, copy the PepperFlash directory to /usr/lib/chromium-browser: sudo cp -R PepperFlash /usr/lib/chromium-browser, and remove the extracted contents.

    2. Create a new shell script in /usr/bin/opera32, with the content as below:

    exec /usr/bin/opera --allow-outdated-plugins "$@" &>/dev/null &
    1. Make it executable: sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/opera32, and use it to launch Opera.

    Additional precautions/security tips:

    1. Go to Settings > Websites > Plug-ins, and select the "Click to play",

    2. Try to avoid using of this plugin on potentially dangerous websites.

  • Hi @starchyme1, you can also try to extract, and use a newer version of PepperFlash - the chromium-pepper-flash- i586 for OpenSUSE (unofficial package) - in that case (as for now), you don't need to use the "--allow-outdated-plugins" switch, and you can run the Opera as usual, without the use of the above script 😉

  • @l33t4opera is this procedure is same for 64 bit Ubuntu? I can't find chromium folder in usr directory

  • I'm running Opera 38 on Mint 17.3. Was listening to Spotify on the web player (normally I don't but anyway) when it crashed and kept giving me the update Java player error. I just went into settings and ticked allow Javascript for that page and "detect and run important plugin content" It's the recommended settings but I always tweak everything. Haven't had a hiccup since.

  • Hi @arunsai1, the above steps are only needed in case of Opera 32-bit, because the development of the PF plugin for 32-bit architecture has been discontinued. @gustavwiz has already replied to you here, on how to install the PF plugin for Opera 64-bit 😉

  • @starchyme1, now you can download, and extract the Flash 22 PPAPI plugin (currently for 32-bit architecture from the Adobe website, and then overwrite the currently installed with this one 😉

  • Maybe it can be solved by .