Sorry, we can't show the code for this error

  • Error in eventhandler for runtime.onMessage: [object object]

    why not ?? where is the error ? Could you see why and try to add the exact error ?

    error was thrown using json_parse from instead of the JSON object (just replacing the call)

  • ok so here is code and problem is really that if throw is used without a catch, it does not show the thrown exception anywhere. code:

    alert('we are throwing an error next');

    var error = function (m) {
    throw {
    name: "SyntaxError",
    message: m,
    at: at,
    text: text

    error('this is an error'); // <-- this does not show anywhere. Browser terminates the code not showing there was an exception thrown.

    alert('this is after the error, and not reachable');

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