DNS address could not be found.

  • I am experiencing a issue on Opera (36-37-38). Sometimes I try a site and get:

    DNS address could not be found.

    I try to reload the page a few times without result - but sometimes works.

    Sometimes if I open on new tab the site opens normally, but if I open using Firefox (it always works) and then on Opera, the site open.

    This behavior happens with any site, but these days I am experiencing more with gentoo.org, but may be because I am using it a lot.

    I already removed all configuration/cache Opera files without result. Also changed DNS servers more the once.

    I am not using Turbo neither a proxy.


  • Hi,
    I am experiencing the same problem,
    I have changed the DNS server addresses several times, with no effect.
    Sometimes reloading the page helps, sometimes not.
    It seems that when I open the unaccessible page in Firefox (which always works) first, than the page can be opened in Opera as well. But this is not the procedure which I would like to do all the time...

    I am using Opera 41.0.2353.46 on openSUSE Leap 42.1

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