Flash on Opera 35

  • Basic system info is as follows:
    Os: Ubuntu Linux 14.10
    Arch: x64
    Opera: 35.0.2066.82

    I've been fighting with this for a while. I have flash working - sort of. When I go to about://plugins it shows: "Shockwave Flash 99.999 r999". Adobe site tells me I have 19,0,0,185 installed. The readme file in the download tarball says it's "Flash Player 11 for Linux Version"

    Already you can see my confusion, but it gets worse. I have a softlink for libflashplayer.so in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opera/plugins/. Removing that softlink, however, and restarting the browser doesn't change anything. Flash still works (sort of) and the versions reported by opera and Adobe.com stay the same.

    Even more to the point, the forms tell me that opera uses PPAPI version of Flash, which is not available (from adobe.com, at least) for Linux. So... I give up. Can someone please help me out and tell me what I need to download and where I need to put it?

  • adobe-flashplugin package from The Canonical Partner repository

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