Better Shortcuts

  • As of now, these are the task bar shortcuts I've discovered in Opera 35:

    • Window List ~ Click
    • Cycle Windows ~ Ctrl+Click
    • New Tab ~ Shift+Click
    • New Tab ~ Middle Click
    • New Tab ~ Ctrl+Middle Click
    • New Tab ~ Shift+Middle Click

    My suggestion is to change the shortcuts around to the following...

    • Window List ~ Click
    • Cycle Windows ~ Middle Click
    • New Tab ~ Ctrl+Click
    • New Window ~ Ctrl+Middle Click
    • New Private Tab ~ Shift+Click
    • New Private Window ~ Shift+Middle Click

    It'd be a drastic (and easy to remember) improvement over four of the same shortcut.

    The best part is, those who use only regular or private browsing will only have to remember a single key 90% of the time.

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