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"Better History" compatibility & better history sorting

  • Let's be honest. The built-in Opera "History" viewer is downright cringe-worthy when it comes to finding "Older" entries based on specific dates and times.

    In fact, in order to find pages you visited a few months back, you have to keep scrolling down through every page you've ever visited since then as the browser consumes more and more resources to constantly expand the list of pages shown.

    Even a "view by page" function wouldn't help since you'd still have to guesstimate which pages what you're looking for is on.

    In comparison, Better History is much better at efficiently organizing and displaying the browser's history.

    That's why I'd like to suggest making Opera compatible with the "Better History" Chrome extension (link below), as well as replacing the all-consuming "Older" category of entries with sorting based on years and months (e.g. having January, February, March, etc as subcategories of the broader "2016" category).

    That'd drastically improve Opera's history functionality and actually make it usable, because Opera's simplistic, unintuitive history manager (along with the inability to rearrange extension icons on Opera's toolbar, import/export bookmarks in a format compatible with both Chrome and Firefox or turn on a confirmation prompt that triggers before closing multiple tabs) is one of the glaring reasons Opera's a better "backup browser" than it is a reliable mainstay.

    Better History:

  • I'm replying here, it's more appropriate than here
    don't worry, you won't nuke your history if you click Clear browsing data... button 🙂
    it's just opens internal Opera page
    btw. thanx for comment

  • Ah, that's good to know.

    I wasn't sure though, because testing the button would've meant tempting fate.

    Anyway, I updated my review accordingly.

  • In vivaldi: ctrl+h, button "history" and "vivaldi://history/" forward to vivaldi's history(wich is unchanged chrome's history, basicly) but when you click on "Better History" extension button on toolbar it opens in "vivaldi://history" and working properly like in chrome.
    How they did it? May Opera did the same thing?

    And, seriously, when the Opera add capability to rearrange extension icons on toolbar?

  • @interweb-explorer
    I just read you comment, all history is not default view
    you can choose what to see first on settings page... (if you were referring to V7 History)

    that API is called Override Pages
    but not supported in Opera, extensions can't overwrite default Opera internal pages

  • Oh, I must've missed that when configuring a bunch of extensions.

    As for Override Pages, it's a wonder Opera doesn't allow them. They're pretty useful.

  • probably because of security and because they put much effort in crating speed dial and design of internal pages (history, bookmarks)...