Opera 35, Ubuntu 15.10, Slow typing in address bar and slow tab switching just started

  • Opera version 35.0.2066.37, Ubuntu 15.10. Just in the past few days my browser performance seems to have taken a major hit. Specifically, typing in the address bar is incredibly unresponsive, and switching between tabs is slow.

    I only browse with a few tabs at a time (2-9), and I have plenty of system resources (only about 1/4 of my RAM is used, and my CPU load is showing almost nothing.) I haven't modified my system configuration recently. I'm not sure if Opera was updated recently or not to the new "quieter tabs" version.

    Anyone else having this same issue? Any resolution or open bug report?

  • I have the same problem. This little freezing (or how should I call it?) can be found in Opera, Opera developer & Opera beta.
    Switching between two and more opened tabs is like pain in the ass - it takes 2-5 seconds
    Typing in addressbar - rewriting existing url, or typing some parameters in the url --> pain in the ass no.2 - takes too 2-5 seconds while I see first letter I typed.
    Those problems will occur also on clean Opera install.
    OS: Arch Linux x64

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