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VPN disconnects after a while

  • Hello,
    I really like the idea of Opera Max, and I want to use it, and make the most of it.
    When I open the application, it starts to work normally, and the 'VPN connected' notification appears.
    But after a while, when I check the phone, the notification is gone and thus, the app not working.
    I don't know what triggers it, I don't know how many time passes. I just forget about it and when I use my phone I realize it's not there anymore.
    I'll list events that may cause this, but don't:

    • Switching from data plan to Wi-Fi and viceversa. Technically a connection stops, and another one starts. Also this app is not intended to save Wi-Fi data, so it makes sense that when it's connected to Wi-Fi, it shuts down. But it doesn't.
    • Close the applications opened with multitask. I frequently close all applications opened, and while some apps keep running in background and don't care about this (WhatsApp), others actually stop (Spotify). Maybe Opera Max was one of the latter. But it isn't.
    • A certain time with no data traffic. While I was writing this post, Opera Max VPN has disconnected. I opened it, and in that timeline, half an hour had passed without any traffic activity. I know for sure that in a 2016 smartphone with more than 100 applications that connect to the internet, internet traffic is constantly sent both ways while Wi-Fi or data plan are connected. So I doubt is this.

    So anyone has a clue? Thank you.

  • i got the same issue. it's happening to me with "opera max" and with "opera vpn"...

  • I saw android blocking opera max running in the background because of battery usage. Take a look at Settings>battery>ranking>opera max and choose allow background running option. It may be works for you too. By the way Meizu mx4 pro Android 5.1.1