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Feature Backport Request: Shortcut Keys for Bookmark Items

  • Opera 12.x has been my favorite browser for years. The decision to switch to Blink engine may be right, but old users are unhappy when they see that lots of features which they had been familiar with are lost.

    One of them is that the New Opera loses the ability to open a bookmark page quickly. I have hundreds of links collected in years. In Opera 12.17, I can press Alt + B to open the bookmark page. In this way each link is associated with a shortcut key automatically according to its title. Users will quickly be able to learn how to open most bookmark links in 1 ~ 2 seconds (e.g., pressing Alt + B + V + S).

    In current version of Chrome and New Opera, this is impossible. I'm currently developing a Chrome Extension that emulates the classical opera bookmark menu. But after some investigations, I found that there are a lot of limitations, and such a plugin will work but not exactly in the "opera classic" way (BTW, it will looks ugly).

    Do Opera developers plan to get this feature back? If so, I think I can just stop working on it.

    [Moved to Suggestion Box]

  • If you want a feature to get re-added, there is Suggestion box.
    Besides, you might consider digging a bit through there - a couple or more pages - on account if such a feature has already been requested.
    I understand it's shortcuts for bookmarks.
    However, you might consider widening you perception of such quick access by thinking of 1) bookmarks having titles - available to suggest in the address bar by those titles, 2) bookmarks having keywords and/or tags (like in Ff) or short-names/nicknames (custom) - like in the Olde Opera.
    For that/those you can also try searching there - if there's/are already such proposals.

    Search and - if you've found something, flag this thread for closure, otherwise flag it to move to the Suggestion box.
    Unless you respond that way some time soon - say, tomorrow - the thread's gonna get closed by mods, I guess.

  • Of course there are lots of ways to locate a link in the bookmark tree. However, the GUI-style approach is nearly impossible to be faster than the CLI-style way. I believe that most Linux (vi / emacs) users and RTS game players will agree with me.

    The shortcut key is just the "CLI-style" operation that is more and more difficult to find in today's GUI applications. When an ordinary user is moving his mouse onto the address bar and moving his right hand back to keyboard, it's done in Opera 12.17. Isn't it cool?