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Hello, in order to introduce new security features and enhance your experience with Opera Forums we have to terminate all sessions that were started before Monday, March 25, 15:00 UTC.
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How to backup/move my feeds to another device?

  • How can I transfer all my rss feed onto another device? Titanium Backup doesnt include the feeds, where is this data stored on Android 5.1?

  • I can tell where ain't gonna be: an your device. You may want to sign in with "myopera:login" URL and after that the current list of feeds will appear on other devices based on the same recipe (right after this operation check "debug:" URL, your username must be found there). On the second device do not visit feed:list before myopera login because the original list will be overridden. I think this method has a dull acceptance due to server load and too much chop suey.

  • Guess I did it wrong, everything was gone. "myopera:login" timeout most of the time. I just readded everything I could remember manually.

  • The timeout is normal. After that check "debug:" just to be sure and you must see your username on "Settings saved as" line and check feed list (perhaps is better to save offline feed:list first) - that must be done on first device with default feed list. Same thing on second device and config+feeds data should be passed. Now when is dead I don't know if this procedure is affected. If on secondary device feed:list page is visited previously then firs feed:list first copy will be lost. @nupsie Sorry! I'm using myopera sync on all my j2me/s60/android/bb devices without any problems.

  • Well the question is reopened then, how to do it after Opera Link is gone now?

  • You can't.

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