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Please, continue the support and updates for Opera Mini Symbian version!!!

  • Hello there.

    I've been using Opera Mini on Symbian for almost 10 years since the first time I got a Nokia 3660, and now on my Nokia 5530 and Nokia 808. It's the best browser you can get on Symbian and it works like a charm. But since 2012, there's no more update for Opera Mini Symbian version which is now halted at v7.1.32444. I know Symbian is 'dead' when Nokia lied to us, Symbian users, that they would continue to support Symbian until 2016. But let me tell you one clear thing, there are still so many Symbian users out there, including me. I know it's not much compare to Android, iOS, and Windows Phone users, but they are here, still using their beloved Symbian phones.

    If Opera devs are still looking at Java and Blackberry version, where Blackberry OS is clearly dying out too, I'm starting to have a hope again that somehow Opera devs will take a look at Symbian version again and build an update to Opera Mini 8. I've tried running the java version of Opera Mini 8 on my Nokia 808, but it's clearly lagging behind the 2 years older Opera Mini 7 Symbian version. Clearly we need a Symbian version for better performance we usually have with Opera Mini 7.

    Please, if anybody from Opera read this, please, PLEASE, reconsider to support and continue the update for Symbian version. We Symbian users are not asking for daily, weekly, or monthly updates, even one update every 3 or 4 months will do, as long as an update will come out eventually. Opera Mini is the most used browser on Symbian platform. The only competitor is UC Browser and they are still making updates for Symbian. I believe there are still millions of Symbian users out there and they are still having hope that someday somehow Opera will give an update to its Symbian version. Please don't let our hope die out, Opera. Please update Opera Mini for Symbian again 😞

  • Please please update our loving symbian version

  • +1

  • Plz , Still symbian alive with many users ,plz plz bring new update

  • Symbian has more users than Windows Phone ATM. +1

  • Please...

  • Please update it. Opera Mini is still my favorite browser.

  • Yeah. Its the best and it'll be helpful for all us Symbian users out there.. 🙂

  • I never did mind about the little things and there is nothing much to worry about. Beside the fact that j2me edition can run on s60 all symbian users still may have the lucky 7 and now could be the 8th boll.

  • I actually don't understand why a Blackberry version was developed but not a Symbian one. I am sure that there are still much more Symbian users than BB OS ones. Was there an announcement of Opera stopping development for Symbian and I missed it?

  • I never did mind about the little things and there is nothing much to worry about. Beside the fact that j2me edition can run on s60 all symbian users still may have the lucky 7 and now could be the 8th boll.

  • uc browser only for downloading. Opera 7 for browsing. Please make updates... Now a days opera 7 not working properly... Please update symbian version... Thank you...

  • Pls update opera mini for Symbian S60v5. It gives a great browsing experience. There r so many symbian users with opera as their favourite browser. Thanks..
    Please update soon..

  • yeah, I have just registered an account to give one vote for continuing develop Opera for Symbian (both version Mini and Mobile if possible)

  • please update it......

  • Symbian is a great immortal OS and please support it till it's totally finished and release an update as soon as possible for Opera mini amd Mobile both

  • POLSKA domaga się aktualizacji !

  • Please continue soport for symbian 😨 please! 😞

  • Thanks guys for the supports. Keep it coming and spread the words. Let's hope Opera listen to our hope and grant us an update again.

  • ITALIAN - Per favore, continuate a supportare questa versione! Non Vi arrendete a logiche di mercato!
    ENGLISH - Please continue to support this version! We will not surrender to the logic of the market!

    Thank You.