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I cannot get Opera Mini 8 to check Yahoo Mail on my Nokia 5310 anymore

  • It might be a problem on Yahoo's end (on purpose or by accident), but I can no longer access Yahoo Mail. I can check everything else Yahoo-related (e.g., weather, sports, contacts) but not Yahoo Mail. AFAIK there isn't an adblock software on my phone that I've installed, and while I've had problems with Yahoo Mail before, it's always been temporary and I've never had problem just accessing the URL. I can't even access it via even though the icon shows that I have two email messages. I can access it from home (where I DO have Adblock software installed) just fine; I'm only have trouble connecting to Yahoo Mail on my Nokia, via either Opera Mini 4.5 or Opera 8. I borrowed my friend's iPhone to access it directly via internet and there is no issue. Can anybody help? Does anybody else have this problem?? Thank you very much for reading and any light you can shed on the situation or a solution, if one exists. Haven't been able to get in touch with Yahoo tech support so if anyone has an email address for Yahoo Mail support it will be appreciated. Thanks!!

  • Im also experiencing d same problem since friday 27th november 2015

  • Hey, @sayahh and @jerrywap. Thanks for your reports - we'll look into the issues you're facing and check if there's any problem on our side.

  • To keep you updated: We've figured out what's wrong and now we're working on fixing it 🙂

  • Usually I don't need from Opera Team any special attention - most of my issues with mobile browsers I solve studying posts given below on the forum - but now I have to add my 2 cents for a few days I can not sort out mails in my account.
    I have access to the My Yahoo (I see displayed notifications for new e-mails) but I can not open the mail site although I'm signed in.
    So it looks like I have the same problem as the one reported above by sayahh and jerrywap.

    Opera Mini 7.6.4 on Jelly Bean 4.1.2

  • @sayahh / @jerrywap / @uleczkad

    I had the same problem with accessing Yahoo Mail on Opera Mini for Android. Here's the temporary fix that worked for me on Android. First, I upgraded to 'new Opera Mini', Opera Mini 12.0.1987.98155.

    Then I changed "Extreme" data savings mode to "High" data savings mode.

    To change this setting, click on the red "O" icon, then click on the "Savings mode" indicator next to the graph showing how much data traffic you've saved with Opera.

    If it's set to 'Extreme', change it to 'High'.

    Then try to access Yahoo Mail.

    If that doesn't work, also try unchecking the setting for "single column mode".

    I don't know if you're able to upgrade or have access to these settings, but if you do, I hope it helps, until the Opera Mini team correct the problem.

  • hi all
    I have a similar problem since about 1 week.
    I have a tablet, with Opera Mini 12.0.1987.98155, I cannot access several of * websites (tested: www, mail, ...).

    With solution from 'bjohnson2012', I was able to access Yahoo again, so this worked for me

    Then I changed "Extreme" data savings mode to "High" data savings mode.

    I also cleared cache before of it, in order to get a clean starting point.

    thank you very much
    best regards

  • I am still unable to get to Yahoo Mail on my cellphone using Opera Mini. What is the status of the fix for the problem? Thank you!

  • I have had the same problem for a week now with Yahoo Mail on my Nokia 301.

  • Thanks for your patience, it's greatly appreciated. The fix for this problem should go live tomorrow (please note that some delays, although unlikely, may occur). I'll post here once we've fixed the issue 🙂

  • I can now get to Yahoo Mail on my Samsung Instinct M800 cellphone, but Yahoo Mail works a little different now. It only shows my "InBox" initially when I "login". I have to turn Mobile View "OFF" in the "Settings" menu in order to see all of the other folders. Why the difference?

  • @olasia today is December 3rd and the page is not loading yet, I almost missed a very crucial engagement today due to I have to access my pc each time I want to check my mail since this bug and cant get realtime notifications.

  • It seems that access to the Yahoo!Mail page was hampered because of the introduction of a new version of the interface - what I see there now it's in completely minimalist design.

    When checking mail mobile view (single column view) should be turned off cause it makes more difficult to navigate

    Extreme Mode on OM 12.

  • @dkendle01: It seems like a redesign on Yahoo's side and not something we're able to control. 🙂
    @jerrywap: Can you please recheck? You should be able to access Yahoo Mail now.

  • I have had this same problem on my phone it let me look at my email once yahoo changed but then I had the problem again after a little while has anyone else had a problem now again ?

  • Clear them cookies and re-login

  • I have the same problem with my Opera Mini for S60 version 7.1 using Nokia E55. I constantly get the message: "For your account safety, we temporarily locked your Yahoo account. Please sign in to from a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone to unlock."

    With Opera Mobile, no error.

  • Some time ago I checked yahoo login link and it was working, a little clumsy to pass over security q though.