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Newbie Help - How do I edit a tile in Opera (latest version on iOS 8.4)

  • Hello Folks,
    I am a Wikipedia Editor and a busy maritime industry executive; as a consequence I collected numerous 'W's' and a few 'M's' before I realized I had to edit the tiles before saving them. Sometimes even today I will 'in the heat of battle' save a site before editing and suffer the ignominy of another 'W' (or 'M'). I have tried click-and-hold, the iOS equivalent of a right click, with no result save a tile dance. Clicking while in tile dance mode is equally ineffective.

    I would hate to have to determine the subject matter of a tile, delete it and recreate it - beyond being an awful lot of work, it is non-productive work. At the end of the day I haven't advanced my cause very much. I will be very appreciative of any assistance on this, but save finding a fix, this problem could be the kiss of death for me, and a go back a very long way with Opera, back to Windoze, pre 1992 and probably pre 1990. I go back to 1983 with Microsoft, and earlier with Apple (the much maligned but very capable Apple III). I used "Newbie Help" in the subject of this post, but it is as a Newbie here, not as a Newbie to personal/micro/pickanadjective computing. My computer Newbie days were in 1973 with a TV thermal terminal and rabbit-ear cuffs for the telephone handset connecting to either an IBM 360 (APL) or a Sigma 7/9. I collected my Newbie T-shirt, wore it proudly, ditched it and finally burnt it before some of you were born, I imagine!

    In fact in 1982 I amazed my statistician boss by loading him up with the most useless numbers you can imagine, such as meals served per mile steamed and fuel consumption per passenger-mile, using Visicalc, the built-in database and a little off-the-wall creativity. It kept him out of my office for a few months, at least! I was also an early adopter of Ubuntu Linux and iOS on tablets. That is a lot of history por nada without a fix to tile editing. Thanks again!

    May the Mass times Acceleration be with you!