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  • Seriously can you guys please open source presto. You guys moved on, but some of us miss and crave to able to use presto again on an updated browser. You guys had the best rendering engine, but now disdane it. Not only is your actions to take it away from us unfair, but now the open free web is in danger of being controlled by webkit. So could it be a bad thing to not listen to the cries of people who want it open sourced. Your not doing anything with it so why waste it away.

  • +100

    Fully agree with you. There are enough capable people around the world, who can take the presto engine to a new level.

  • Yes! if they don't import all great features of opera 12.16, they have to give us the presto engine! 🙂

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one. opera 12.02 for life.

  • Totally agree. Presto is very much a valuable open-source asset.

  • Presto is light and fast, so do not let it die.

  • arf why did they did that jwj opera was my favorite now its ruined

    i don't care if its slow or if it crashes because i'm the kind that opens lots and lots of tabs too many that i need to save session and stack them so i don't get stuck in a hundred pages maze

    speed? speed for what crap if i wanted speed i would simply use Google chrome why do you think i use opera your moron its because of the the features even if it crashes and slow down if it allows me to use the features its good enough

  • That will never happen. Presto had and has compatibily problems.

  • On my laptop Opera 12.17 with mail client enabled, irc client, all the extensions, etc. is still faster than new Opera 25. There are sites with much js that had slow downs, but when I look at bigger picture (usability, features, ease of use, productivity) I can't imagine surfing internet without Opera 12.
    Easy access to emails and rss. Auto refreshing previews of the sites I frequently open in speed dial. Keywords for the bookmarks that let me write 2-3 letters to get to any bookmarked website. Tab previews, skins and customizable interface, with custom buttons. It's just perfect, so PLEASE PLEASE MAKE PRESTO OPEN SOURCE

  • Presto is Opera's intellectual property. It will never be open sourced.


    Think it through. Ignoring all other realities, if Opera were to release Presto to open source and it were incorporated into some new browser, it would result in additional competition for their Blink Opera version. It makes no business sense for them to do that. It's challenging enough to make money in a business that designs and gives away free browsers... why should they supply a major chunk of development for potential competitors?

  • They should transmit the code with a narrow beam to the aliens.
    I'm serious!

    1. Due to the "time difference"/distance, the capitalists won't be endangering their ®ights any time soon.

    2. The gem will not DIE actually.