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Please get rid of the white transition page that shows before opening new tabs/pages

  • Step 1) Install an extension like "Night Mode Pro" or "Dark Theme for All Websites" to reduce eyestrain

    Step 2) Open a new tab, or switch to another tab, or click on a link to navigate to a new page

    Step 3) Observe how your eyes are getting mutilated by the white temporary blank/empty page that flashes for a split second before rendering of the new tab/page starts.

    Step 4) Get down on knees and make an emotional appeal to Opera developers to perhaps maybe do something about this, like... I don't know... allow us to modify the color of that white "transition" page, or not showing the transition page at all.

    /me gets down on knees

  • This annoys me to no end with the flickering. Strains my eyes.