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What is wrong with High/Turbo mode, both w Opera Mini Beta and Opera?

  • Hello,

    I have filed a bug report and have already posted in OM beta thread but to no avail.

    It makes me think I am the only one having this issue, when I am running android Jelly Bean, 4.2.2 (a very popular os).

    What is wrong w the High/Turbo mode in OM beta and also in the Opera Browser?

    I thought it was my home network or 2g speeds however I have come to realize it definitely is not.

    The problem has been evident since the most recent OM beta release.

    Very frustrating because it is so intermittant (it does not work more than it does work).

    Symptoms: all websites hang until error, or websites hang until "unable to connect".

    This has occurred on multiple networks.

    In addition to this issue, there have been random issues w not remembering website data and login information as others have been also posting.

    These issues make it frustrating to use Opera. Please at least let me know if this is random, servers are being updated, or if this is a definite bug that is being worked on.

    I dont like posting multiple times without Opera feedback, it seems like I am junking up the discussion boards.


  • Hey, vjgrace!

    Thanks for submitting the bug report - that's greatly appreciated. However I'll keep posting here instead of messaging you directly via mail so that other Mini users can join in with their feedback.

    Please be informed that the issues with losing login information is being worked on. I have one follow-up question: Whenever you suffer from the issue with losing login information, is that only for a single site (that you're browsing at the moment) or multiple sites (not necessarily in use at that time)?

    There's something that could possibly help us track down the root cause of the "unable to connect" issue. Can you please try to install a previous (non-beta) version of Opera Mini and see if the issue still occurs.

    You said "all websites hang until error, or websites hang until "unable to connect" - what kind of error message are you seeing?

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

  • Thanks for responding,

    Re: login information and website data (cookie information), it is for all sites I had visited on previous sessions. If there were website adjustments I had made or any logins, they were all gone. This happens very intermittantly and to be honest is not as frustrating as the high/turbo not working.

    The most unusual thing occurred, within a couple hours of starting this thread the high/turbo mode began working again. However it has been so sporadic and random, my hopes are without much confidence. This inconsistency/irregularity of high/turbo mode has only been since the most recent OM Beta release, previous betas with the option of extreme and high mode have always worked. Another note: when I installed Opera Mobile and tried Turbo mode it did the same thing: website hanging to "unable to connect".

    Re: your suggestion to reinstall prev stable OM releases to see if the error: "unable to connect" occurs...that error only occurs in high/turbo mode, so installing a previous OM stable release would not be effective or beneficial as extreme mode has always worked. In fact extreme mode is where I have the login info issues (cookie problems). I use extreme mode much more frequently than high mode, however I do rely on high mode (when it works of course).

    Re: the specific error message, sometimes it is the website error unable to load with subsequent link, but mostly the error has been: check network settings - unable to connect.

    As of right now high mode is working that I am typing from it now but it has worked so irregularly this past week, I am just waiting for it to break again...sounds cynical but it has been so inconsistent and frustrating recently that I began relying back on Chrome again.

    Before these two issues recently I have grown to use OM Beta as my main browser since the high/extreme modes had been implemented that I had rarely even used Chrome. Yet this recent update has taken alot of my trust in high mode away (and therefore OM beta...I may as well just use OM stable without the 2 mode options, when high mode breaks).

    I hope I answered all your inquiries, thanks again for responding.

  • Hey vjgrace,

    thanks again for your response - it's very helpful and insightful. I'll pass your information to the team that works on the Turbo/High mode and will get back to you with feedback. As for the cookie information issues, we're working on resolving it and I will post here once we fixed it. If you have any questions I'll be happy to answer.