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opera mini and opera dont save login info

  • Hi this has gone crazy for me,i am using samsung galaxy s5 ,android 5.0 lollipop

    Now whenever i login to any site for example gmail n facebook now once i logined and when i close that tab and click on my speeddial again to open that site and i have to login again it ask me to login and i tried latest opera mini beta as well then i went to install opera browser not mini it has same problem this thing is coming since 2 days back i have uninstall n installed it so many times specially i use only opera mini no other browsers now this is pain in the ass when u have to login again n again when u visit it again that site

    Emails no reply yet i dont know why opera guys destroyed this this opera v7.0 never had this problems

    Also download says sometimes waiting for connection when other browser android deafult download everything so help me out


  • Hello, js78955. Thanks for reporting the issue you're facing. There are a few things you can do to help us fix it.

    First of all, have you filled a bug report? Creating a bug report with your e-mail address would help us to contact you directly. Please do so if you haven't already (although I suspect you have). Please share the bug ID here 🙂

    First of all, you mentioned Opera Browser. Which version of Opera Browser have you installed? The newest one available in the Play store or some previous version?

    Do you also get logged out during regular on a certain site (for example clicking on links) or only after closing the tab? Do you get logged out after closing the browser and opening it again?

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

  • Hi i wrote the email , email provided on play store for opera mini and then i got automated response saying we cant help you here for better help check faq and post in forum and there was no bug id or something i guess n i deleted it and i came here

    Opera mini latest one on play store
    Opera mini native lastest one as well
    Opera browser (red icon) big in size also latest one

    All got this problem seems server sided issue,

    No i dont get logged out when clicking on link i can like someone pics and comment on fb and

    closing the tab and also exit and open browser again it logout me


  • The same happens to me in opera mini windows phone, logins are not saved 😞

  • Now i am only using android default browser till issue fixed up cus i love only opera mini specially single column view is best

  • @js78955: To submit a bug report on Opera Mini choose "Settings" and "Report a problem". Please remember to provide your email address there so we can easily get back to you. Please post the bug ID here.

    Please be informed that this issue might stop bugging you but it would be still useful if we could keep in touch - it might happen again in the feature.

    @athelstann: Please fill in a bug report and post the ID here.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi no bugs is found there

    Here is what i got after reporting and yes added email this bug came some months before as well but went after two days

    Thank you for your report
    If you would like to update your report with more information, please send an email to: .
    You may wish to take a note of this address in case you need to refer to your bug report in the future.
    All bug reports are read and handled by our staff. However, please note that you will not receive a personal reply to the bug report unless we need more information to fix the bug.
    We will not be able to respond to questions and queries through the bug tracking system.
    If you are having problems and need help, please read more about how to get help with Opera .

  • I mean no bugs id found there

  • @js78955: Thanks a lot! ANMEXT-7833 is the bug ID I was talking about, please expect an email regarding the login issues you're facing.

  • Sure love to help waiting up for test build as well 🙂

  • Hey, everyone. We've applied some changes that are supposed to fix the issues with being logged out of Facebook, Gmail and other services. Please verify if problems still occur and let us in this thread. Thanks a lot for your help, it's greatly appreciated.

  • I've got my browsing session deleted & logged out from almost any website. such: Facebook, Gmail, Twitter etc frequently. I did bug report to Opera Team. But didn't got any response.

  • @rhimini: What was the last time you faced this issue? Please share the bug number here.

  • A small update: we've released a set of changes that should help fix the logout issues. Please get back to us with feedback.

  • I'm having this issue. I've only recently downloaded Opera Mini (iOS 9.1). There isn't a "Report a Problem" are in the settings, but I did leave feedback.

    I am logged out constantly. Closing Opera logs me out. Clicking a link on the same site logs me out. I have cookies enabled, I click the "remember me" boxes next to the login area, I save the passwords. Regardless of these efforts, nothing stays logged in and the information saving is useless.

  • Again I faced automatically logged out problem. I logged out from almost all website automatically. (my browsing session was deleted) Please take a view & fix this.

  • @ahawkins85: Thanks for letting us now! Please submit a bug report using and enter your email there so we can reach out to you. It will help us to find & fix the issue.

    @rhimini: Thanks for your feedback. If it doesn't happen on a daily basis, it might've been just a temporary hiccup 🙂 If it happens multiple times, please let us know.

  • Some times ago I faced automatic logout problem. But after some moments it fixed. Please fix this as there will be no more automatically logout problem.