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Opera Mini 11 beta 2 for Android

  • agree w baunz re: latest beta, but only on high/turbo, not on extreme mode.
    extreme seems to work for me.

    beta version: 11.0.1912.95166

    high doesnt even load page aand often leads to unable to connect...reverted back to prev beta and worked yet it was slow...extreme seems to work for me.

    i will try to report error, i have had problems in past reporting.

  • as of a few minutes ago, high/turbo mode seems to be working flawlessly, thanks OM team for fixing.

    11 beta is a great browser!


  • Please see this ordered screenshots that show automatic text size changing problem. even in this release.
    This show 'Google' (in portrait view)
    ...after rotate phone (in landscape view)
    ...when refresh page (without rotate phone - in landscape view)
    ...after rotate again. (in portrait view)

    I think "2" & "4" is bug. "2" is very big.
    "1" is suitable for portrait view and "3" is suitable for landscape view.

    Mirror Link:

  • hello,
    does anyone know what has changed w opera servers in this latest beta specifically for router requirements/settings that wasnt required for previous beta?

    now, i am only talking about high/turbo mode, extreme works perfectly...recently i indicated high/turbo was working "flawlessly" but that was on a different wifi network, not my home network.

    i get back home where high/turbo mode has always been perfect (w prev betas) and on my network i am back to hanging w all websites to eventually the error "unable to connect".

    i tried 2g and the same issue...i tried 3g/4g and no error and high seems to work.

    something seems to have changed recently whether in the servers or in the beta that is requiring a setting/adjustment for the router that wasnt required before (that is all i can figure).

    any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • The case concerns OM Beta 11.0.1912.95166.

    Does anyone here can help?

    Some two weeks ago, OM Beta 11.0.1912.94373 began to stop and a few seconds later switch off. I discovered that this issue is related with two bookmarks in a single folder.

    The problem is I can't delete them!

    When I start to remove them by tapping the bin icon, three seconds later the browser closes.
    Then, when I reactvate the browser these bookmarks are still in the same folder.
    I also can't delete (or rename!) the entire folder with these bookmarks - the situation is the same as described above.
    The bookmarks are linked with Wikipedia pages, eg. search index.

    I have sent a Report on this matter, but I haven't received any hints, and an update to the Beta_2 (.1912.95166) did not change anything.
    I could uninstall the OM Beta_2 but I would lose thereby many saved valuable pages.

    Does anyone know how to delete these bookmarks or copy the saved pages as a files (obml?) to eg. the phone's memory??


  • We made a minor update to the Beta during yesterday with several crash fixes and other important bug fixes.

  • We made a minor update to the Beta during yesterday with several crash fixes and other important bug fixes.

    not support cmwap (china mobile gprs) ?


  • But still downloading problem over 15 MB files from many http & https (both) website has not fixed yet. What the Opera Mini's developers do? I think they are very lazy. They don't care this bug. Why they don't fix this bug?

  • Unable to download from mediafire,dev-host etc

  • Here are a couple suggestions for OM Beta:

    I believe OM would need to be in High/Turbo mode to implement these...

    1. Would be great if we could login to various wireless access points with OM Beta (i.e. Hotels, McDonalds, Starbucks, etc), currently when trying to login get error and unable to connect.

    2. Would be great to access this website to watch live tv/news broadcasts...USTVNOW and here is weblink:

    currently when trying to watch live tv video attempts but fails, just a loop of failing and not facilitating tv.

    Anyway, just suggestions to make this browser even better.