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the Next page same page bug is still not fixed after 8 years

  • the Next page same page bug is still not fixed after 8 years

    when you sometimes tap on a link 80% of the time the page does what it seems like is a page load but its just the same as before, this has been an issue for as long as i have used opera mini (including the new one now)

    the only way you can force it to load the link that is tapped on is to Tap and Hold and open as new tab (as once its doing the loop showing same page it is permanently stuck on that page)

    as Opera mini is very good at loading pages with very little data and strips all active scripts of a page so in turn makes battery life longer (as the page is static) and very good data savings

    but have to say the Speed that Opera for android is very fast compared to Chrome

  • Just one more reason to leave Mini behind and use Opera's full mobile browser.

    It simply can never work flawlessly, and will never give a good experience specially with the modern web.

  • Just one more reason to leave Mini behind and use Opera's full mobile browser.
    It simply can never work flawlessly, and will never give a good experience specially with the modern web.

    don't really agree with that as it works mostly fine for most websites, the point of opera mini is FUll site compression no matter what the site is Full Opera for Android can't do that is the site is HTTPs

    sites that use dynamic loading code is problematic like Disqus posts that Load When you get to the bottom of the page,

    as Opera mini can compress HTTPs as well as HTTP as the page is rendered at Opera Turbo server end and sent in a very compressed format, pages that are using MB of data normally are only using under 0.1-0.2MB of data in opera mini (full Opera for android only compresses Images and that is Only if you're on a Non HTTPs page, if the page is HTTPs the page cannot be compressed on Full Opera for Android)

    the problem i have been reporting for long time is Client side Bug that fails to Render and show the next page (not a website problem as when it shows the next page i view are 100% working fine) is this next page same page bug that just needs fixing (for a fast fix for the devs to fix should just open it as a New tab but in the same page your on, as if i press and hold open as new tab the next page Will load so there is a bug in the code that randomly does not load the next page)

  • at least moderators are on here 🙂

    this is using Opera mini Extreme Data saving (High works fine as it only compresses images if on HTTP only sites but i need HTTPs to be compressed witch Opera mini does on extreme)

    i am willing to a use debug version to weed this long standing client side bug out and i send along any info needed (you can use my email on my account or PM me)

    one thing i have noticed on version new 13.0.2036.98649 (offical amazon underground app store installed) when the next page loads Some times i am getting the Animation to load the new page i have tapped on (or posted on) and it shows the Last page you was on for about under a second then the new page that should load, loads on top of it replaceing it just some times it is not replacing the last page with the new one just keeps loading the last page i was on)

    so what i think is happening at random times is that when the animation to load the next page it fails to replace the old page with the new downloaded page from opera turbo servers (as it does download it) and you get stuck with the old page loading, until you try a bunch of times or you tap and hold and open it as a new tab (which definitely works onto the next page correctly)

  • @leexgx, I've seen this bug before, yes, but I have hard time remember, when was the last time, I faced this and I am browsing daily using Mini. Do you have examples on which sites it reproduces?

  • (uk mobile network fourms) is one, i have to see if there are others

    its hard to reproduce as its random when it does it, but when it starts looping it norm keeps on doing it until i open it as a new tab

  • it be nice if i could get in contact with someone who works on the code for Opera mini for the Extreme option as this has been an long standing issue that has never been fixed (i still think removing the next page animation is what is braking it)

    the next page same page bug still happens Can you Please patch the client so it opens each link as a new tab inside the tab that is currently open open (as a temp or permanent fix) as if i open a link as a new tab the next page always loads (tap and hold and open as new tab)

    as there is a bug on the client side still that fails to send to opera server to request the new page its fail condition seem to be just go back to last page (all that happens at the client end is tap a link same page i was just on loads back up) i get the page animation that makes it look like its loading the next page i tapped on but it just loads the last page

    its a bit of a joke that this bug has been ongoing for over 7-10 years now or longer as this is a app braking bug (when extreme is used its)

    when you added animation to the Opera mini years and years ago it you broke some code that makes it talk to opera servers when you tap a link (basically it does the next page animation before it has actually downloaded the next page so when the animation has done you got the same page you was just on, as Tap and hold and open as a new tab does not do animation it loads the page correctly)