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Opera Max VPN, Opera Mini Proxy, Opera (Mobile) Turbo Proxy interaction

  • hi,

    I have a hard time understanding the interaction of Opera Max VPN, Opera Mini Proxy and Opera (Mobile) Turbo Proxy respectively. I'm looking forward to input from Opera engineering.

    I thoroughly tested with the following (logically contradicting(?)) results:

    • Scenario 1: Opera Mini, Opera Max ON > Opera Mini Proxy IP

    • Scenario 2: Opera (Mobile) Turbo ON, Opera Max ON > Opera (Mobile) Turbo Proxy IP

    • Scenario 3: Opera (Mobile) Turbo OFF, Opera Max ON > Opera Max VPN IP

    Now ...

    • Scenario 4: Chrome with "Google Data Saver" ON, Opera Max ON > Opera Max VPN IP

    • Scenario 5: Chrome with "Google Data Saver" OFF, Opera Max ON > Opera Max VPN IP

    If you compare the results of Scenario 2+4, 3+5 respectively, this clearly is a contradiction (or I'm way stupid. In either case, please enlighten me).

    My three questions:

      1. Is Opera Max actually detecting Opera (Mobile) traffic with Turbo ON and effectively let it bypass Opera Max VPN?
      1. If 1) is the case, why does Opera Max show miniscule data savings for Opera (Mobile) traffic with Turbo ON?
      1. If 1) isn't the case, why doesn't show Chrome data compression proxy, i.e. "Google Data Saver" IP in Scenario 4? To my understanding, Chrome with "Google Data Saver" ON and Opera (Mobile) with Turbo ON is the very same thing with respect to Opera Max VPN.

    Last but not least, it is to point out that "Google Data Saver" actually is operational, i.e. recognizes the compression proxy with Opera Max OFF.


  • Please let me rephrase the entire question, i.e. put it into another perspective. I hope this isn't even more stupid than before ...

    If I run VPN on Android, e.g. Opera Max VPN and use an application using a proxy, e.g. Opera Mini OR Opera (Mobile) with Turbo enabled OR Chrome with "Google Data Saver" enabled ...

    Isn't the connection like ... "user > (Opera Max) VPN > (Opera Mini/Turbo) proxy > service"

    ... rather than ... "user > (Opera Mini/Turbo) proxy > (Opera Max) VPN > service" ...?

    That is, assuming the former case, aforementioned Scenario 1+2 make perfect sense. I would anyways still be interested how Opera Max VPN deals with Mini/Turbo traffic (double compression(?)).

    BUT ... If that's actually correct, why is Scenario 4 happening? Could it be that "Google Data Saver" is kind of a transparent proxy while Opera Mini/Turbo proxies are "anonymous", i.e. not transparent?