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  • Opera Mini user guide

    Last updated: March 6, 2013

    This is a guide for using the Opera Mini browser on mobile phones. Some information may not be applicable, depending on the version of the browser, your phone type and platform.

    To start Opera Mini once you have installed it, select the Opera icon. If the icon is not displayed, Opera Mini may be listed in folders on your phone, such as Applications, Java Applications, Programs, File Manager, or Games.

    <a name="browserLayout"></a>Browser layout

    Opera Mini browser layout

    <a name="basicBrowsing"></a>Basic browsing

    To start browsing, take one of the following steps:

    • Type a web address.
    • Enter a search term.
    • Select an entry in Speed Dial.

    <a name="navigationAndZooming">Navigation and zooming

    Select options by either double-tapping with your finger for touchscreen phones or by using the arrow keys and clicking a soft-key for keypad phones. Pages display as an overview.

    To navigate:

    • Zoom in with a double-tap or click.
    • Scroll with a flip of your finger for touchscreens, or the arrow keys.
    • Zoom out by selecting the back button or pressing the back key on the phone.
    • On a touchscreen phone, to get a more precise view, place two fingers on the screen then pinch them together to zoom out or spread them apart to zoom in.

    <a name="navigationBar"></a>Navigation bar

    The navigation bar generally offers the following options:

    • Back, Forward and Reload/Stop buttons: navigate the browser
    • Tabs button: opens the tab tray and displays all open tabs
    • Menu icon: provides more options

    <a name="contextMenus"></a>Long-touch or long-press (context) menus

    Select and hold an element of the page for additional actions in a context menu.

    Depending on what you select, you can:

    • select text
    • open a new tab
    • edit a Speed Dial entry
    • edit a bookmark
    • edit a saved page
    • add a new search engine

    <a name="speedDial"></a>Speed Dial

    Speed Dial gives you single-click access to your favorite websites. To save a website on your Speed Dial:

    • Select an empty Speed Dial entry.
    • Enter a web address or select from your viewing history.
    • Select the Add button or Enter key on your soft keyboard.

    To edit an entry, long-touch or long-click it to open the context menu.

    <a name="smartPage"></a>Smart Page

    Available from Opera Mini version 7.0 on J2ME, BlackBerry and S60, the Smart Page connects you to your social networks, news, weather, sports, and entertainment sites and more, right in the browser. You can easily switch between the Smart Page and your Speed Dial by selecting one of the tabs at the top of the browser screen. The Smart Page will display links based on the sites you visit most frequently; a number of suggested links are also displayed by category.To log in to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, press the login button and enter your account details.

    <a name="bookmarks"></a>Bookmarks

    To add a webpage to return to later:

    1. Click the menu icon; then, select Bookmarks.
    2. Select Add.
    3. Edit the bookmark's details, if desired.
    4. Select the Save button.

    To open a bookmark, select the menu icon, then Bookmarks, and select the bookmark in the list.

    <a name="tabs"></a>Tabs

    To add a new tab:

    1. Select the tabs icon to open the tabs tray.
    2. Select the + sign on the tabs tray.
    3. Enter a web address or select a Speed Dial entry.

    To close a tab, select the X ("close") icon on the tab.

    <a name="findInPage"></a>Find in page

    To find a word or phrase in the current webpage:

    1. Select the menu icon, then Find in Page.
    2. Type the word or phrase. Matches are highlighted.
    3. If there is more than one match, select Next on the virtual keyboard to see the next one. In some cases, you will need to minimize or close your virtual keyboard to see the Next button.

    <a name="share"></a>Share with friends

    Easily share webpages via email, messages, or Twitter. Display the webpage, select the menu icon, then Share.

    <a name="savedPages"></a>Saved pages

    To save the current webpage to read later, even if offline:

    1. Select the menu icon, then Saved Pages.
    2. Select the "+" icon next to the page you want to save.
    3. Edit the title if you wish, then select Save.

    To read a saved page later, select the menu icon, then Saved Pages.

    To delete a saved page from the saved pages list, long-press or long-click it to bring up the context menu; then, select Delete.

    <a name="search"></a>Search with any site

    There is a default search engine in the search field, but you can add other sites to use when searching:

    1. Display the site and long-touch or long-click the site's search field.
    2. Select Add Search Engine.
    3. Edit the search engine's name if desired, then select Add.

    The site will be added to Opera Mini's search field. To search with your new site, select the search field drop-down and select it from the list.

    You can also edit and delete search sites by selecting Manage Search Engines at the end of this list.

    <a name="dataUsage"></a>Data usage

    To view your data usage for the current session or overall, select the menu icon, then Help, then Data Usage. You will be able to see the amount of data Opera Mini is saving you in percentage form and in bytes. Use the Session and Total tabs to toggle between your current session and your overall data use. To clear this record, press or click Reset.

    <a name="settings"></a>Settings

    To change the settings, select the menu icon, then Settings. Some of the following options may be available, depending on the version of the browser, your phone type, and platform.

    Setting Description
    Load images Control data traffic by turning images on or off. For faster browsing and lower cost, choose not to load new images.
    Image quality Control the quality of images.
    Font size Control the size of fonts for easy reading.
    Opera Link Synchronize bookmarks, Speed Dial entries and more across phones and computers.
    Single column view Disable page overview and zoom and display webpages to suit a small screen.
    Fullscreen Remove the address bar and navigation bar to view more of the webpage.
    Zoom Change the default zoom level.
    Text wrapping Fit text to the screen to remove the horizontal scroll bar on large webpages. On supported devices, text will wrap to fit as you zoom.
    Status bar Fit text to the screen to remove the horizontal scroll bar on large webpages. On supported devices, text will wrap to fit as you zoom.
    Navigation bar Toggle the navigation bar on/off.
    Default browser Make Opera Mini your default browser.
    WiFi Manage WiFi connections.
    Landscape Toggle landscape screen orientation.
    Advanced Manage advanced settings, including protocol settings and handling of the virtual keyboard, page links, pop-ups, and media plug-ins.

    <a name="privacySettings">Privacy settings

    Setting Description
    Remember passwords Enable to save your passwords and log in to your favorite websites with a single click.
    Accept cookies Accept or reject cookies.
    Delete private data Clear history/cookies/passwords/shared locations.
  • will opera mini launch further updates for java?

  • [mod edit: English only please]

  • Version 7.6.40077

    I've used this browser for ages but now it has turned silly. Doesn't work.

    Test network:

    You have a working net work connection.

    Good, let's visit the BBC:

    Connection failed.

    Repeat the test/ failed over and over until starting to scream.

    Next, fire up another browser. Yes it works fine. Takes you where you want to go. Displays we site.

    Return to Opera. Failure. Misery. Confusion.

    Download anothet browser
    Works fine.

    What on earth has happened to Opera?

  • Same here - in the UK. Strange to say it works fine on WiFi but on my phone data connection. It is totally screwed. I've used Mini for many many years without major hiccups. I've been trawling for ideas as to what to check next, even updated all the phone settings. Just in case but same result. It just refuses to work and yet everything else (including Opera Mobile) that I have on my phone connects quite happily via its data connection. What gives? I do have a sneaky suspicion what the problem could be and that is the way mini is trying to connect. I am with talkmobile, which runs on the vodafone network. And what icon got downloaded as part of the pre configured speed dial. A Vodafone one. Wonder why that should have happened. Never has before! Currently uninstalled again 😞

  • I tried to copy text from a webpage on my Android 4.4.2. However, all the text on the page was marked and I didn't find a way to select what I wanted to copy. The expected result is that the word you point to is marked and you can adjust the size of the selection by moving the end marks.