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  • LM17 Rebecca, i5 cpu, 16gb RAM, Samsung 250 evo pro SSD

    In the last few days Opera has become unuseable with pages failing to render/hanging or taking far too long.

    Any ideas where to start looking would be gratefully received.
    Thank you

  • ...and (some, eg ebay) buttons are unresponsive, paste & scroll are laggy to the extreme.
    I'm writing this on Chromium as Opera not functioning

  • Do you experience the same problems with another variant of Opera (Beta, Developer)? If you do not, there's obviously something with Opera stable.

    Go trough every step, one by one, restart Opera, and see if the problem disappears:

    • Reset all flags in opera://flags
    • Disable/Uninstall all extensions
    • Clear browsing data: opera://settings/clearBrowserData

    If nothing happens, you can try to close Opera, delete the "~/.config/opera" directory, then remove opera (sudo apt-get remove opera-stable), and then install opera again.

  • Thanks, I'll work through these although I have the same extensions (fewer actually) than in my previous install.

    Two points: what are flags? and I'd like to keep my bookmarks, do I just copy yje bookmarks folder to somewhere safe, then reinstate it?

  • what are flags?

    Experimental features, but they can be unstable an cause problems. As you don't now what they are, you probably haven't touched them and thereby you won't need to reset them.

    do I just copy yje bookmarks folder to somewhere safe, then reinstate it?

    If you use sync you shouldn't need to to that, but you can do it just to be on the safe side. Copy this file: ~/.config/opera/Bookmarks to another location, and later restore it if needed.

  • Thanks for that. Disabling everything didn't do it so I uninstalled/reinstalled. Definitely functioning better, possibly properly!

    I copied the whole opera directory - which of the subfolders do I NOT want to copy back (potential troublemakers)?

    Thank you for your time.

  • Not fixed. Doesn't seem to have been a completely clean reinstall as al my extensions are still there disabled.

  • System monitor show Opera using 100% CPU

  • I forgot this file: ~/.config/cache. Try to delete that too.