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  • So it's possible that this feature exists in some kind of extension but after looking around the extension store, I didn't see anything that could achieve it. Nevertheless, it being built into the browser would be absolutely amazing anyway.

    The conceptual idea is essentially having browsing sessions. For example, if I'm working and decide to take a break to browse the web, I don't want to close all the tabs that I have open whilst I'm working and I don't particularly want to just add the new leisure tabs to my work tabs because things get messy. Perhaps, I'm working in the evening and want to relax and pick up where I left off when I wake up in the morning, with my work session having been saved. That in premise is the idea. Being able to have different sessions dependent on what I'm doing at that time, that way I can group my browsing more effectively.

    If something like this exists, again, someone please point it out, but as I said I do believe this should be something built into the browser. As far as I'm aware there isn't a browser that has this functionality natively and by bringing it, it gives another feature for Opera to boast about over its competition.

    Best regards,

  • Built-in solution would of course be better.

    Install Download Chrome Extension

    Then install Session Buddy

    You're done.

    As far as I'm aware there isn't a browser that has this functionality natively

    FYI, Opera versions prior to 15 had that.


  • This solution seems overly complex from a UX perspective. A simpler solution in-built solution would be nicer I think, but I'll take what I can get! Thank you 🙂