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Not loading Google Docs under some circumstances

  • Experienced right now, on Opera DEV 32.0.1899.0 Linux.

    Issue is when I click on the "open with google docs" link from google drive, or directly on the document's image.
    Tab opens, page seems to load, but it never really appears, still loading. If I tried to close, browser hangs during a time depending on how long I waited before close tab. Unable to open Dragonfly (either by Ctrl+Maj+I, F12 or graphical menu).

    Using the direct link ( ... ) works, but with some errors (which may be related - or not):

    747252438-kix_main_i18n_kix_core.js:202 Blocked script execution in 'about:blank' because the document's frame is sandboxed and the 'allow-scripts' permission is not set.


    D.appendChild	@	747252438-kix_main_i18n_kix_core.js:202  
    jN.Xb	@	747252438-kix_main_i18n_kix_core.js:1666  
    $Xb	@	747252438-kix_main_i18n_kix_core.js:1760  
    dYb	@	747252438-kix_main_i18n_kix_core.js:1816  
    JYb	@	747252438-kix_main_i18n_kix_core.js:1831  
    D.Mma	@	747252438-kix_main_i18n_kix_core.js:1831  
    Uo._createKixApplication	@	747252438-kix_main_i18n_kix_core.js:1834  
    KX_startKix	@	edit?usp=drive_web:13  
    (anonymous function)	@	edit?usp=drive_web:13  

    Maybe another way for Google to promote Chrome, by taking down their own apps for other browsers ?