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Would it be possible to keep myopera mail address?

  • I'll tell anyone about this lousy service, all design, no content brand.

  • I'll tell anyone about this lousy service, all design, no content brand.

    And the reason you'll do this is because you have no gratitude. It's just gimme, gimme, gimme. It has to be MY WAY or I'm going to have a tantrum. You have spammed this new forum by presenting the same message in many different threads.

  • No, the reason why I'll do this is because it is how it works. When one believes in something, one recommends it.
    Opera doesn't even has a proper Communication Office to do the crisis management... If we, the users, will learn something from this shutting, Opera should do the same. Sometimes, it's cheaper to prevent the damages.

  • The thing is, you can not and should not rely on a free service to run a business, whether it's a for profit company or not. After all, the company offering the free service has to make money somehow, otherwise how could they offer that service for free in the first place ?.

  • I'm not certain I understand the comment about not having a proper communication office to do crisis management. What do you mean by that? Opera informed us months ago that changes would be made and in fact, went so far as to suggest ways to save our mail, save our photo albums and save our blogs. What exactly is meant by crisis management?

  • It's not him, it's her. Thank you. I'm a portuguese 37 year old woman, who works in the creative industry as a communication specialist. I didn't use myopera mail as my main address, although it was the prefered address to communicate with some circles - like the University where I'm doing my masters research, for instance, and a platform, "Alice for Good", wich is a non-profit advertisement agency trying to gather professionals around social causes, for wich I applyed using myopera mail and to wich account I won't return. About my masters there won't be a problem - thanks for the concern 🙂

    Although I never was an eletronic expert, Opera Browser seemed nice - with different looks, well organised, an alternative team, and for some time I spread the word around my small circle of friends, coleagues and customers. Despite all the problems the browser had, I never stopped using it - altough I even had to access myopera mail page on Firefox, because most of the times it didn't load in it's own browser. I just kept the browser for saving bookmarks, wich I already exported to both Chrome and Firefox - I'm still choosing wich one to use from now on, but Chrome seems a good option (for what I read here, the new Opera is following it's steps).

    Unfortunately, Opera really did shut myopera mail without notifying it's users to myopera mail address. I don't know why some of you are in such denial. If you love Opera so profoundly, you should try and solve this communications questions. A brand is made of both Image and Identity - one reflecting the other, back and forward. I have one question for you: are you getting payd to do Opera's defense? Maybe you're not. And this question ought to be treated by someone in charge, and not been left out here in this forum. Did you realise that no official information came up recently?

    Best regards. Believing is fine, just don't get too blind - it's not good for business. As told previously, good luck.

  • I'm genuinely sorry you lost your email. Could Opera have done more to inform those who used the MyOpera mail? I honestly don't know. What I do know is that Opera informed us back in October that the entire MyOpera services would be shut down on the first of March, giving us five months to make the transition to something else. This information was made available as a sticky piece written by one of the Opera Team and it sat at the top of a blog thread for all to see. Granted, you would have to actually log in to the MyOpera Community to see this since individual members did not receive notification via email. I "seem to remember" receiving something in my email but the truth is - I can't be sure anymore. My memory is not the best.

    Inescaetano, just because I've defended Opera's position does not necessarily mean that I work for Opera and am paid for doing such. Concluding that is about as unreasonable as my asking you: "Do you work for Mozilla or Google and is one of these companies paying you to bad-mouth Opera?" That would be unreasonable, correct? So what IS reasonable?

    Opera gave you and me free software and free services for years. For a variety of reasons that I won't go into since this post is already becoming too long, Opera decided to make changes... changes that would enable it to provide (in the long run) a better product AND changes that would enable it to free up resources to do so. Freeing up those resources which were not paying the bills meant curtailing some services that people were now taking for granted. Back in October it warned that this would be the case and it provided steps we could all take so that pictures, blogs and email was not lost. If any of this "was lost" I think it's a bit unfair to point an accusatory finger at Opera. If this data was important to you (or me) then it was up to you and me to back it up away from Opera's servers. Back up your important email. Back up your contact list. Back up your blogs and photographs. Furthermore it seems only reasonable that if you are simply taking something for free without ever informing yourself of the workings of the company, don't be shocked if and when that company withdraws such. By occasionally going to their website you can inform yourself of any changes they are planning to make. In fact, you might want to chalk this up to a painful lesson learned.

  • Leushino, now you start looking like a true PR 🙂
    Thank's for the respectfull message.

  • Cool. Have a great day. Nice chatting with you.