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How to downgrade opera 30 to opera 29

  • Does anyone know how to downgrade the latest opera update to a bit older?
    I lost a lot of passwords, and I am sure that would return it back.

    How naive of me, just typing apt-get dist-upgrade and thinking that Opera will still work, now that they use that Google Chrome crap called webkit 😞

  • First, I don't know if this will restore your passwords, but hopefully it won't hurt to try 🙂

    Start with taking a back-up of your ~/.config/opera folder.

    Then, remove the old Opera version with this command:

    sudo apt-get remove opera-stable

    After that, download an old version from here: Note: Linux version is only available from version 26.0.1656.32.

    Install the package from the terminal by running this command:

    sudo dpkg -i <opera-package-name>

    Under the installation process, you will be asked if you want to add opera's repository to enable auto-update. If you don't want that you can press no.

    Now, delete the new ~/.config/opera folder and restore your backup. After that, you can try to start Opera.

  • When I look trough the ~/.config/opera file, I can't find any passwords file. I don't know if they even are in that folder.

  • gustavwiz thank you so much for answering. I am very happy to see that there are people here willing to help and also know what needs to be done.

    I found a spot easier solution, the last version was still on my disk so I just dpkg-i that last version and my passwords and logins are back woohoo Opera faith restored 🙂

    So if anyone else needs the same thing solved just type this:

    sudo dpkg-i /var/cache/apt/archives/opera-stable_29.0.1795.60_amd64.deb

    If you are at version 31 and need to downgrade to version 30, just find the available version(s) like this:
    ls -al /var/cache/apt/archives/ | grep -i opera-stable
    What you get is the packages you can downgrade to, since 30 is the latest current release, there is no version 31 or which ever it will be in coming months:
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 42054384 Svi 20 10:41 opera-stable_29.0.1795.60_amd64.deb
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 42589676 Lip 10 15:56 opera-stable_30.0.1835.59_amd64.deb

    And then just use the command provided, just replace the opera-stable[numbers] with numbers of the version available to downgrade to.

  • Turns out version opera-stable_30.0.1835.52_amd64.deb also has a passwords problem, so I am again switching back to opera-stable_29.0.1795.60_amd64.deb

  • Also, if you wish to keep old version of a package, you need to use this command:

    apt-mark hold opera-stable

    and now you can freely use apt-get dist-upgrade without worrying that something will go wrong with your most used application.

  • Is it anyone else that also has lost their passwords after upgrading to Opera 30?

  • I have imported them from opera 12, those were gone, the one I typed afterwards in new opera, that one got saved. Maybe it is the imported ones that get lost.