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Websites with self-signed certs

  • I'm having an issue with sites that use a self-signed SSL certificate. Namely, my webmail -- I use Roundcube as a front-end to a personal mail server that I run.

    This used to not be an issue, so this must've happened with a recent update. I have the flag "#remember-cert-error-decisions" set to one month in opera://flags, and this used to work perfectly. However, now, every 5 mins or so I need to "re-accept" the self-signed cert, as I'm prompted with the "Invalid Certificate" pop-up. Is this by design? I recall Chromium recently making some changes to the way it handles self-signed certs, if I'm not mistaken.

    Thanks for any insight guys.

  • Hi @t0ken, "If the problem is related to a self-signing certificate, then you can simply add that certificate to" (the source link) opera://settings/certificates, and see if this helps.

  • Thanks a lot l33t4opera. The issue was actually on my end (doh!). I had let my cert StartCom SSL cert expire. Heh, but at least this also gave me the time to harden my Cipher settings on the server as well as update with a new cert 🙂 Wouldn't even have thought to look had you not given the above link and which caused me to take a look at the cert details, haha. Thanks again man.