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Can't sign in to Opera account on Android app: "Temporary server error. Please try again later."

  • Has this problem been solved yet? I use Opera in China, please solve it.

  • Facing the same problem now.

  • Yes, I also have this issue on the latest version of Opera Mini on Android on A Samsung J3 - which has worked perfectly with Opera Mini until the last week or so. I am in Australia. I can only sign into my Opera account to sync my bookmarks etc, if I am on mobile (cell phone) internet not my internet connection at home.

    I have done a clear data and cache and to no avail.

    And also, Opera Mini works well at home via Wifi on my home network but its impossibly slow when used via cell phone data connection.

    This has not been the case for me for most of this year but its now unusable. Very sad. 😞

  • Same problem with Opera and Opera Mini, both in stable and beta versions of the latest in Google Play.

  • the sign in problem was not solve yet, new Opera mini is a good browser, but still has big problem makes it to be a rubbish.

  • I have some delay to access HTTPS site if I'm logged in with Chrome Browser, on the other hand I can access HTTPS site prior signing process with Opera 37 for Android.

  • Same problem. XioaMi 5, Logging in from China. Every time, on Opera Mini and Regular Browser, can't log in on android.

  • Same problem of the latest version.
    Can not log in for months.
    Please fix it.

  • Something blocking cookies, perhaps? Some Android "privacy" programs can do that.I have the same problem Opera version 37.0.2192.105088

  • Same problem of the latest version. Can not log in for months. Please fix it.

  • Have you tested renaming "" (or something like this) folder, Opera and try to login?
    Root explorer may needed. (ES File Explorer) ?

  • Same problem for long time (maybe 1 year already), for every time I downloaded the app update, I always check whether it can synchronize the browser data or not, but each time, it disappointed me.

    And if cannot synchronize, I will only use it for very very few occasions, almost won't use it.

  • Lazy-ass opera, if your service is dead take it out already from the browsers and close the website!

    Stop making the customer lose time.

    twitch geeks good for nothing down with your industry

  • @tix What data are you having trouble synchronizing?

  • Sign in fails in Opera for android: "Temporary server error..."
    On the same Opera browser, I can browse to and sign in in the webpage.

    So far 2 years without a fix, likely no fix will ever be available, but one can never lose hope, 🙂

  • 1 year now and nothing new .... still can't sign in

  • I have this problem

  • It's late August 2017 and I haven't seen anyone from Opera support addressing this issue. WHAT THE FUCK?! If it's not resolved quickly and stuff cannot be synced between PCs / phones then I don't see a reason in using Opera altogether, I'm running low on patience.

  • I just had this happen, latest Opera on Android 7.1.1. I tried creating a new account, and that got the same error.

  • I got this problem after doing a factory reset on my phone and reinstalling the apps. Forced me to change my password. did that and now I can sign in to Opera PC but get a temporary server error when trying to sign in on Opera mobile. Interestingly I can sign in on Opera mobile Beta