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  • I've been experimenting with sync, but found a few issues. Running v29 stable on win7 PC, plus latest stable versions on ipad and android. Here are 3 ways I think Opera sync could be improved...

    1. Allow one Opera instance to delete bookmarks from another:

    I connected 3 desktop installations together, plus my phone running Opera Mini for Android and Opera Mobile for Android, as well as an ipad running Opera Mini for iOS. I found I had quite a few duplicate bookmarks in various folders as I have added them on each device. Well, ok, so I spent some time deleting and sorting them on one of the desktops. I then checked the results with the ipad, but it didn't delete any of the ones I had deleted on the PC. It had copied the bookmarks from one place to another (giving me even more duplicates), but not deleted any of them. I added a speed dial to the ipad to make sure it was still working, and sure enough I could see it on the PC. This is annoying, and means I cannot organise them without doing it on all devices. Maybe some sort of web interface or master device (or even just update to the latest time stamp) would work.

    1. Allow me to remove of devices, as well adding them:

    I have recently upgraded my main PC from Win7 32bit to 64bit (with more RAM and an SSD). I now have 2 entries in my speed dial folders for the same PC, one of which will never be used again. Opera does not allow me to remove it.

    1. Provide some sot of distinction between similar sync devices:

    I am running both Opera Mini for Android and Opera Mobile for Android, depending on whether I want websites to work properly, or save me the most data. Since they are running on the same phone, I have the same device name for both sync entries. I'm guessing this would be even worse if you were to run the beta versions as well as the stable versions (4 on one device), and again if you were running the stable, beta and dev versions on one PC. To fix maybe just list the device name with the browser name/version underneath.

  • 2): They've added the ability to remove devices from 'other speed dials' in opera 30 beta. In opera 30 you can right click on an other speed dial folder and there's an option to 'remove device folder'. You can also remove them in the current version of opera by using this extension: (note: for this addon to work you need the extensions sidebar enabled: opera://flags/#extension-sidebar)

    3): It looks like they've added something like this in the latest opera dev channel builds, it now shows duplicate devices like so:



    I agree it would be nice if they added additional distinction, such as the channel name. I'd also like the ability to remove old/duplicate sessions from tab sync manually like we can remove other speed dial folders in opera 30.

  • OK, Thanks. Sounds like 30 will be good.

    Point 1) appears to have sorted itself out now too. Not sure why it didn't work in the first 24h though... Maybe because I only bothered to register/confirm my email address to comment on the forums? There is nothing in the sign up process that says it wont work properly until you do though.

  • Slight correction, I had signed with Opera Mini and Mobile to copy bookmarks across weeks ago, so I hadn't just been using it for 24h.

    I had held off using it properly for some time, as when I first tried (with a different email address that stopped letting me comment in the forums for whatever reason) it didn't let me distinguish between work speed dials and home speed dials. The current system of separate dials and combined bookmarks is much much better, and means I can stop using 3rd party tools like Pocket. Just thought I'd give some praise for what is, on the whole, a very good browser. I actually swapped from FF to Opera at around v22, after using Mini and Mobile on my phone.

  • I think I've found the issue with 1). It did it again last night after editing bookmarks with another PC. The desktop versions work just fine, updating from sync as they should. The ipad version doesn't necessarily check very often, so doesn't update. I could force an update by closing the app properly (swipe up in recent app view), and then re-starting. There was a slight delay in start up I'd not seen before, no doubt due to it updating from sync.

    So the issue is with the ipad version only. Android Mini also works fine, and updates with no issues.