@leocg How? Do you know how hard it is to find a real expert on these forums? The individual I was engaging with has rare-to-me insights on architectural aspects of Opera the browser. I asked an in-line question which I have no way of knowing but I have to believe he would have happily answered my question.

When one has to parse every thought and give it its own thread, what is the likelihood, do you imagine, of such experts going and Looking For these obscure one-off questions?

As a User Experience designer with several decades' experience, I know the answer to that question. But god forbid we soil your perfect little container boxes. You obviously won't agree, so I accept that. But I've been seeing you obstruct flow and continuity for several years now, and the net result, to me, is poor usability. Again, how was it helpful to me that you banished my question about Speed dial 2 to Siberia, when this same person I was engaged with actually had the exact answer I needed?