I'm getting something like that, trying to download jpg/png and getting HTML instead, changing manually don't do much; this used to only occur on Opera Touch, Opera used to work fine most of the time but it appears that some sources are blocked for download now.

@abdotolba example, on Opera it can be downloaded as jpg and on Opera Touch as jpeg, while my source can be downloaded in HTML on Opera Touch and webp on Opera.

Also got '.xx&' reported by @pawleex, precisely resized.xx&oh=795cd4e629c7e2117bbb8c5697b4e1b2&oe=5ED4216E, but it's probably because of the source /proxy/cache/.... /resized.xx&amp...[the above]...

Would be nice to have a feedback about the '.bin' by now, as also, as why the same file is downloaded in different formats on different browsers (kinda) from the same company and probably Chromium based. 🤨

Best regards,
M. 🤗