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Opera Mini 7.6.3 on Android

  • Hello All,

    we have released a small bug fixing release today for Opera Mini on Android. Here is what have changed:

    • Fixed disappearing words on input in Android L
    • Fixed issues with broken downloads on specific servers
    • Various stability improvements

    The update is now live in Google Play and will be soon available to download from our servers.

    Take care!

  • whit this update words and pixtures and any content dissapeared on websites. only website borders and content borderlines are visible on jelly bean.

    f.king up again the app,....

  • Same problem in android 2.3.6, no words, no pictures

  • No webpage displaying problems with Galaxy SIII on Android 4.3.

  • What are the urls of those sites?

  • No matter what url i try to open, the problem appears on every site from favebook to gmail.

    Ah yes, now the opera link is fu.ked ip too, it cant sync my account if i migrate back to 7.6.2

    Aaaaw very good, opera link is also dead under 7.6.3 ...

    I am fed up with all this bullshit

  • Can you tell me where are you located or on what network you are? Also could you enter debug: into url bar and tell me to which host are you connecting to? It will be the second value that you can see there.

  • Hungary.
    Using wifi (t-home as provider)
    host: z27-06

    mini v7.6.2

  • Ok, we have nailed down the issue and we're working on a fix for it. In the meantime there is a way to fix it on your own:

    • enable smart page from advanced settings
    • restart Mini
  • I've tried the described fix and can now manually enter URLs and see the results correctly, but I'm trying to sync via Opera Link and it's behaving strangely, taking a long time, and when the device display times out and I wake it up it's really unrecognizable as to what's going on. I've never seen it look like this, and I don't have that many Speed Dials to refresh.

  • The sync never completes, and you're left with backing out using the "Back" key of the device. No Opera Mini screen functions work. You can close the app and reopen but there is no Mini start screen or navigation keys (status bar, etc.). I'm in the U.S.

  • opera mini 7.5 versions were having nice font styles and displays tamil font very good... but after versions 7.6 font styles has been changed and tamil font words get overlapping with eachother... using android v4.4.2.

    could u fix it?

  • Tried a fresh install from the Play Store a few minutes ago. No improvement so far. I may be left with going back to v7.6.3.

  • For the time being I've given up on 7.6.4, and obtained and installed 7.6.2. Problem now is Opera Link seems to not be working. I can't get my Speed Dials and Bookmarks moved over to the device. Maybe it's my company's internet connection; I'll try further this evening when at home.

  • There is no 7.6.4 - at least I haven't seen it yet.

    Anyway 7.6.3 build was replaced now in GP, it should be distributed to your devices within 1,5 ~ 2 hrs.

  • How come you still have not fixed the issues that Opera Mini is having on the Droid Turbo? The Opera Mini toolbar (i.e., the row with bookmarks, refresh, settings, etc.) is not visible when the phone is in portrait mode. The only way I can see the toolbar is to force the phone into landscape mode. Please fix this.

  • Sorry, 7.6.4 is what Opera reports as version when you look (from navigation area at bottom) at "Help>About Opera". Android Settings>Applications shows 7.6.3xxx.

    I tried a fresh install from the Google Play Store a few minutes ago. I got it installed (I didn't try turning off Home Page), but had continuing trouble with Opera Link. I could log in and connect and it would appear to start synchronizing, but it never really progressed, and eventually froze the app. I could hit the phone's Home key and get back to the Home Screen, but starting the app from that point just brought me back to the same stuck/frozen point.

    Do I need to start posting in the Opera Link section? I never had trouble with the version immediately previous to this one.

  • It looks like things are better now, but here's what I've discovered (and I'm new on the forums here since MyOpera was closed): The installation is workable, but the Opera Link feature, according to reading more in that section, is all but over with. Hard to believe, since I just used it for a new phone a few months ago. But I went ahead on my current device and, using my account at, recreated 21 new Speed Dials manually. If the OM update had initially worked I wouldn't have had to do anything to replace them, but I ended up uninstalling OM then downloading and reinstalling it, which trashed all that had been saved on this device. So it looks like I'll be very cautious updating OM from here on out with my other Android phones. What a hassle!

  • Sony Z3 Compact, Android version: 4.4.4, Mini version: 7.6.40125, host: n15-10-04, using wifi, country: Sweden

    There are some problem with Link...
    Tried to log in but login never succeeded so I canceled. Bookmarks were downloaded to phone and in Speed Dial UI I had 21 "empty" SD. Clicked one of those and phone tries to open the page but page load doesn´t succeed. Now I tried to load another page but no luck in that either. Mini is "sort of" responding. I can open Menu and quit. After restart the 21 empty SD are gone again but bookmarks are still there. First try to load a page gives the errormsg "Check your settings" second ones succeeds. Logged in to link again and now it works fine.

  • Ehhh found one more funny thing...

    1. Go to Speed Dial UI
    2. Press any of the SD:s

    The SD disappears but page is at least loaded :D.
    Go back to SD UI again and the vanishing SD is back.
    This happens 100%...