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Where opera-mini 3.2 disappeared?

  • Nokia has had a very good page where you can read a lot of information about their phones but now it only contains those that they will support from now on ( ) so all old ones are dismissed 😞

    If I remember right I think the 2610 has 512 KB heap memory or even less. The internal memory of 2 or 3 MB can not be used by Opera Mini. It is just for saving files etc. Let´s say that the heap memory is 512 KB, after installation there is not much left for loading pages etc. Does it work better if you restart it after installation of Mini?

  • No it doesnt work better. The same situation was earlier several years ago. I also understand that version 4.1 or 4.4 is also not viable? Just 4.5. But i do not understand why ucweb 7.2 is workable but opera mini 3.2-no?

  • So we can see just internal memory. But what about heap memory-is it the same as memory for application? Where to find this information? So is there a big difference between heap memory demands between 3.2 and 4.5 versions that the last one is able just to open blank and nothing else? 2. And if I asked about the phone on 30 mb and probably 3 mb for application - should it work with operamini 5 or even 8?

  • Yes, heap memory is the kind of memory that Opera Mini can use on your phone. That kind of information (heap size) is very hard to find... as I wrote before the Nokia page was very good before Microsoft time. Most manufactures spec pages do not show heap memory.

    And yes again, there is a difference between 3.2 and 4.5. 3.2 took about 100 kb installed on phone and 4.5 takes about 200. That is what we have to pay to have a modern browser running. 4.5 contains a lot of features that consumes more memory.

    A phone with 30 MB internal and 3 MB heap is very suited to run Opera Mini 4.5 but (I have to say but!) it also depends on if it is a touch screen phone or not. And of course the size of the screen is part of it as well. That kind of phone should also be able to run Opera Mini 8 but I prefer Opera Mini 4.5 :).

    It isn´t that easy to say if Opera Mini 4.5 / 8.0 will run fine on a certain phone just by looking at memory available. The implementation of java is quite different depending on brand.

  • it's a must have for any j2me device, being used properly can clear dynamic heap up to 7.8 MB not 5.5 (manufacturer's claim) on A100 Sony Ericsson devices. On top notch Nokia s40 total heap is not more than 4 MB total, usually stay on 2.

  • Body is

  • This application shows that the whole amount is 526 kb, and free-490 kb. But allocated just 0. I am not able to check the hear memory during operamini perfomance as just one instance can work at the same time.

  • So what is the requirement of opera-mini 4.5? Why it is unable to work with 0.5 mb of hear memory?

  • You must push the second (middle) option on that app (sorry, is in russian) to boost the heap until maximal value (for dynamic heap) after you set the timeout to 60s or more, that's pure informative and nothing more. If it's 500kb then you should know that this amount (from total heap) is necessary for Opera Mini app itself due to a bad allocation on s40 OS, ain't ENEA. For comparison C510 can read (clear) up to 34MB heap size in less than 10s, that's the most nervous device from Sony Ericsson galaxy. This kind of discussions can be found on myopera old forum and doesn't have any sense to reiterate here. Buy another handset, preferably produced in the last 4 years or so with a better spec.

    1. What could be changed after pushing the middle option? And if i launched the app did it cleared the heap memory even without any my instruction? 2. What is the requirements for heap memory (is it the same as the "memory for application"?) for opera mini 4, 5, 8 versions. And how to know the heap memory opportunities of given phone or smartphone without this application?
  • Nobody could not refer to the specification of phones on their heap memory, or information on heap memory requirements of operamini's?

  • For example, is 500 kb not enough for opera mini 4.5 for my current phone?

  • To be able run 4.5 on a keypad phone with normal screen I would at least have 1 Mb heap memory to have it to run smooth...
    If it is touch screen I will at least double the heap to 2 Mb. But of course, the more Mb the merrier.

    To have Mini to run nice on a phone is not only about heap size. The implementation of java on the phone is also to be considered. To be honest, if you buy a newer Nokia or Sony-Ericsson you will be more happy than if you buy a cheap Samsung, LG or noname phone.

  • Why do you think about 1mb? Is it just your consideration? If so -- what is heap memory requirements for the higher versions of opera mini, f.e. 5.0, 7.0, 8.0 etc?

  • 2.5 with mini4, 3 with mini.v5 and above for Nokia j2me devices. More than 5MB heap is recommended. Devices spec can be found on jbenchmark site (defunct).

  • What is jbenchmark site? What is the source of your information?

    1. A site found only with wayback machine now.
    2. An internal test from devs and since was posted only in one place I don't share that with you.
      Technical specs and backend info are above users concern so check and download opera mini recommended for your device since were properly tested on opera`s behalf. Nobody can recommend a device rather than another based on synthetic tests, this matter always was a personal affair.
  • Sorry. i do not understand a bit. What site? What wayback machine? Would you refer the names of this ones?

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