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Where opera-mini 3.2 disappeared?

  • Yes, Opera Mini 3 servers will be taken down on December 15. Your situation is not bad. You just need to download Opera Mini 4 by visiting with the inbuilt WAP browser. You will then get a version that is suited for your phone.

  • Bad news for russian modders.

  • Oh it is very pity. As untill 15 december the operamini3 will disappear. Why so late it is claimed? So I just need to buy new phone that support the gprs(edge), internet, and operamini 4.5 without difficulties. What is the cheapest option? And with photo-camera?

  • What is the cheapest option? And with photo-camera?

    Ebay's your friend, absolutely loads of feature phones going for cheap.

  • What cheap models You can suggest? And the second question is about if operamini 3.0 servers are decommissioned so what volume of traffic or quantity of users are left there (maybe several thousands?)? Were any statements about it in advance or it happened in such sudden way?

  • Nokia 6720c ?. I've had mine for a few years now, and it's one of the best phones I've owned.

  • I took the old Samsung B2100 and downloaded Opera Mini 4.5 from Mini 4.5 works just fine :). Try before you run out and buy a new phone! This particular B2100 that I had laying in the shelf doesn´t have a lot of stuff saved on it, it is more or less brand new...

    Nokia 6720c? Isn´t that a Symbian?

  • Sorry boymax, I don´t now how I read today I can see now that you have a Nokia 2610 not a B2100 :).

    Nokia 2610 should run Mini 4.5 but I suspect it is on the edge...

  • It has happened. Opera-mini3 vained. But I cannot download 4.5 opera-mini as I have no certificate. Such situation takes place in the last years. About 5 years there was no necessity to have a certificate but phone lacked enough memory so the perfomance was bad. But now it needs the certificate else? How to download it to have this version workabled. There are "other download options" when downloading version 4.5. For example Verisign and Thawte. But it gets the same error message that there is no certificate. The No certificate and All certificate options in this page redirect me at opera mini 8 that is not relevant for my phone anyway. What I shoud or can to do?

  • Verisign and Thawte are certificates

  • There is an option for downloading unsigned build as well.

    On the download page choose "Other download options", on next page scroll down a bit and you will find the text "Options for Opera Mini 4.5", then click the link "Select Code Signing Certificate". And finally you can find four links, "All certs", No cert", "Thawte" and "Verisign".

    You can always try to download one of the builds that only have one cert, it might work.

  • It looks to me that you have clicked the "Select Code Signing Certificate" link under headline "Options for Opera Mini 8" instead of the link under "Options for Opera Mini 4.5".

  • Yes. I downloaded the OM 4.5 on the original phone browser. But this version could not even to do the simple search at google. So it is functionally unworkable on my phone. So I am interested. If my nokia 2610 have memory about 2 or 3 mb. Is it general memory or just for applications? Why it can not support small 4.5 version that take no more 200 kb on the phone. That is just a bit bigger then 3.2 version. Do it means the operative memory here? And if for example nokia 2700 have 30 mb memory (as I have read that such phones can have no more then several mbs for it), how much is allocated for application and what is operative memory?

  • Nokia has had a very good page where you can read a lot of information about their phones but now it only contains those that they will support from now on ( ) so all old ones are dismissed 😞

    If I remember right I think the 2610 has 512 KB heap memory or even less. The internal memory of 2 or 3 MB can not be used by Opera Mini. It is just for saving files etc. Let´s say that the heap memory is 512 KB, after installation there is not much left for loading pages etc. Does it work better if you restart it after installation of Mini?

  • No it doesnt work better. The same situation was earlier several years ago. I also understand that version 4.1 or 4.4 is also not viable? Just 4.5. But i do not understand why ucweb 7.2 is workable but opera mini 3.2-no?

  • So we can see just internal memory. But what about heap memory-is it the same as memory for application? Where to find this information? So is there a big difference between heap memory demands between 3.2 and 4.5 versions that the last one is able just to open blank and nothing else? 2. And if I asked about the phone on 30 mb and probably 3 mb for application - should it work with operamini 5 or even 8?

  • Yes, heap memory is the kind of memory that Opera Mini can use on your phone. That kind of information (heap size) is very hard to find... as I wrote before the Nokia page was very good before Microsoft time. Most manufactures spec pages do not show heap memory.

    And yes again, there is a difference between 3.2 and 4.5. 3.2 took about 100 kb installed on phone and 4.5 takes about 200. That is what we have to pay to have a modern browser running. 4.5 contains a lot of features that consumes more memory.

    A phone with 30 MB internal and 3 MB heap is very suited to run Opera Mini 4.5 but (I have to say but!) it also depends on if it is a touch screen phone or not. And of course the size of the screen is part of it as well. That kind of phone should also be able to run Opera Mini 8 but I prefer Opera Mini 4.5 :).

    It isn´t that easy to say if Opera Mini 4.5 / 8.0 will run fine on a certain phone just by looking at memory available. The implementation of java is quite different depending on brand.

  • it's a must have for any j2me device, being used properly can clear dynamic heap up to 7.8 MB not 5.5 (manufacturer's claim) on A100 Sony Ericsson devices. On top notch Nokia s40 total heap is not more than 4 MB total, usually stay on 2.

  • Body is

  • This application shows that the whole amount is 526 kb, and free-490 kb. But allocated just 0. I am not able to check the hear memory during operamini perfomance as just one instance can work at the same time.