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Opera Mini 7.6 for Android

  • Hello and welcome back after vacations!

    I have a big pleasure to announce to you that Opera Mini was updated to version 7.6.

    What is new in this version?

    • Smartpage now includes new Discover (in selected countries)
    • There is a swipe gesture available to switch between articles on Discover
    • You can now queue bigger downloads and let them wait for WiFi connection (they will start automatically after connection is established)
    • Indonesian localisation got improved
    • Redesigned installation screens
    • Most popular crashes fixed (mostly the ones caused by out of storage conditions)

    Update is now available on Google Play and will be available on our servers soon. Please download it and tell us what you think, either here or via 'report issue' in settings.

    Take care!

  • I upgraded an now Opera Mini fails to start. It shows "Installing..." and a progress bar which stops on ~10 %.

    I've got Android 2.3.6 on a Motorola Defy mini.

  • @robho try http://m.opera.com/android/Ow7Good/operamini.apk , same result?

  • OK, never used the latest version and it feels like I'm missing something. Google analytics usage statistic - what does button do? Do or undo, It's a lab thing?

  • My problem was a firewall problem it seems. Opera starts successfully when connected to a different network. Sorry for the noise.

  • need many useful things from opera for Android.
    ★ copy link
    ★ improved history
    ★ private browsing
    ★ night mode

  • I just updated to 7.6 on my Moto G running Android 4.4.3, and now I've lost all of my bookmarks that were synced with Opera Link. I've tried signing out and in, but my bookmarks are still gone. Is anyone else having this problem?

    I'm also still having the usual "download failed" issue when trying to download anything.

  • OK, never used the latest version and it feels like I'm missing something. Google analytics usage statistic - what does button do? Do or undo, It's a lab thing?

    We try to understand how you use our product via the power of Google Analitics. If you don't like that and don't want to improve Opera Mini you can switch it off.

  • Fixed my problem. Turns out that updating to Opera Mini 7.6 erased my synced bookmarks on Opera Link, so I had to re-synchronize them before they showed up on my phone.

  • Again not support my handset
    after install fores close.....whyyy???

  • Again not support my handset
    after install fores close.....whyyy???

    And what is your handset? Could you please report it via mini.bugs.opera.com and attach a crashlog?

  • Instead of bug fix u(opera) provided FCUK#FIX :yes:

  • Please provide options for Incognito Mode and Night Mode.

  • i have the same problem as @robho !!!
    it was working perfectly >>> after updating ... it shows " installing " bar and stops on 10 %
    i uninstalled this newer version and reinstall an older .apk version that i backed up a month ago .... also the older version stopped at 10 % installation bar :( :(
    i formatted my mobile ... installed a whole new version of andriod system ( jelly bean ) and i had IS ...... didn't work either :( :(
    i connected via mobile data instead of my wifi .... nothing happens :( :(
    pllllz opera mini means every thing to me ... I NEED IT TO WORK AGAIN :(

  • am having problem with my opera mini,facebook is not loading,it showing " unable to connect,review your network service."

  • The Opera Mini have a big bug. When I go to History and want to open a page in new tab, this one open in the same tab!!! and close the history !!!

  • I am having a problem with opera mini 7.6. Everytime i launch it, it only shows a black screen than it crashes. i'm using android 2.3.6 on samsung galaxy y

  • There is a problem with Google images. When you click on an image the browser opens the website linked with it instead of the image. This problem existed in the previous version too. Please, fix it.

  • I have a problem..Opera mini gave a message saying Gathering font information and its almost 6hrs it still there. What should I do? reply asap. thanks in advance

  • ;_;

    Dear sir
    in my galaxy tab 4 T331 ( 8 inch ) the tamil language fonts not displaying properly
    the letters are merging with each other
    please address the issue

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