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  • What if, in a thread, say, about public organisation or broadcasting companies, I post a feedback or call-in number of theirs?
    It's a learned lesson - no automatons!!!

    Well obviously that would get caught by the filter as well, but are you really likely to be doing that here?
    I've never seen a post here with a phone number in it apart from spam posts.
    Automated systems are never ideal of course, they always make mistakes.

  • ...are you really likely to be doing that here?

    It's irrelevant.
    I have my right to do that.

  • In that case so do the spammers unfortunately!
    I suppose they could make everyone fill in a CAPTCHA before they post.
    Although that would be a bit of a pain, it would stop the spam robots immediately!

  • There's this thread to read.
    We could consider suggestions made there...

  • There's this thread to read.
    We could consider suggestions made there...

    It's not that there was less spam during the day. We are just more likely to catch it rather immediately when we're awake...
    I agree, though. There should be a set of buzzwords / patterns that need mod approval to show up. I'm getting tired of removing dozens of these senseless posts every day.

    From the sinking thread.

    I agree with the above suggestion.

  • I suppose they could make everyone fill in a CAPTCHA before they post.

    There is a CAPTCHA when registering. Somehow they are successful at registering - that would be quite good for a bot.

  • Right!

  • I didn't realise that there was already a CAPTCHA for registering!
    My account simply transferred across from the old myopera forum, so I've never had to register here.
    CAPTCHAs are a pretty good defence against robot submissions, so that would imply that at least the spammers' registering is done by a real person, which is really quite frightening!

  • I'm considering to start a special thread like "Constructive Suggestions on A non-Destructive anti-spam Filter" - what do you think?:)

  • ooo i hope they dont use CAPTCHA for replies. but if needs be so be it. maybe there will be less spam to cleanup. then the mods can kick back, chillout more. lol?

  • Phew!!!, well that's that 60 odd posts cleared up and users banned.

  • Your face looks worn out.:left:

  • banned good. but they'll be more coming. like a rogue wave sneaking up behind your back. then without realizing it, pow! too late

  • I have an idea: all new threads to be posted must pass through a moderation formed by users and mods or only mods!

  • Not all new. The first post only (of course the user won't be able to post the second till the first's approved) - and only for newbies. Moreover, I suggest there'll be an automaton registering newbies' IPs, and if such a user gets banned, similar or close IPs will form a "grey list" in it. For example, if there's a bunch of guys in India doing a job, using similar words, etc., so after an IP gets greyed, that user's colleagues will automatically fall into that grey list: such first posts will appear in a special, non-public board only for moderators, who then deal with them - should a mistakenly suspended post get there - they'll white it to a (the) relevant public board, after which picking the rest gets eliminated in one sweep. Additionally, there can be a moderator button there to "delete all the relevant accounts" - optional.
    Importantly, the first posts are only greyed out if there are buzz words in them (unless the IP is in the grey already, of course): that's a task for that automaton - to maintain such a word list, too.

  • There mustn't be an only one single word: for example, I could somehow use a "baba" in my first post, or whatever; but it must be already a combination of words/character sequences. For example, if it's a newbie, their IP's in India, there's a "baba" there, plus something else, maybe the post's length...
    It must be a smart thing - that automaton.:)

  • Next, there could be a temporal registration number limit for either greyed groups of IPs or one and the same IP (I actually don't know how it works, but I suppose if those guys could work from some crowded offices or like that...). Like 2 for a day, or 10 for a week for greyed groups, IDK.

  • Or you could like to use user assistance. It can be a new type of staff - like "moderator assistant": not fully a moderator, still such a person could grey out or close threads manually, instead of implementing an automaton.

  • Block IPs would be kind of difficult because the person can disguise the IPs. Restrictions to newbies could be: after the creation of the account the person can only post in any topic however with CAPTCHA, after a number of posts (good post, not spam) the user will be able to post new threads and posts with CAPTCHA, after reach a number of threads and posts, the user will be able yo post without restrictins.

    1. Not block the IP - but "grey" the suspicious post out - to a specially dedicated area available only for moderators. And only if it's suspicious - by some criteria having been evolved by a smart subroutine.
    2. Exactly I suggest a "Suspension Board" - where so "greyed out" suspicious posts can still remain organised into the same 'forums' to which they were submitted. It's like a grey [moderator] area where such posts "precipitate" getting suspicious. Like a Purgatory of sorts - fancy a "grey" copy of Earth with the same geography, but inhabitated only by bad guys and those about whom it's not yet decided.
      Moderators then could easily rehabilitate any post should it happen to have got there mistakenly (with a possible filling some report lines to improve the automaton).