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Opera lock up randomly every 5 to 10 seconds (66.0.3515.27)

  • Well, now I am very hopeful! I followed @Northnet 's lead and manually downloaded and installed the latest version 67.0.3575.31 (after doing a complete removal using synaptic package manager).

    I have been surfing and browsing now for almost an hour with no freezing and no lockups!

    It was interesting that I had to manually download the latest package from the Opera web site and use gdebi package installer to install it before Opera recognized it as an update. When I tried to use Software Manager it told me there were missing dependencies and packages required that would not be installed, etc. So I closed that and played a hunch by using the gdebi package installer, and it seems to have worked fine. It even said all dependencies were satisfied.

    So far so good!

    THANK YOU Opera devs for attention to this issue! Time to import bookmarks!

  • I have small freezes yet after update to Opera 67. This happens on some page with heavy content.

  • Some time after the update to 67, I can confirm that my issues are completely resolved. This is my low power (Pentium - 4Gb RAM) browsing laptop, and not only is it not freezing, but responsiveness is distinctly better. Better than Firefox on the same machine, and feeling positively 'snappy'.

    @pindos If page content is causing a problem, I think maybe it is time to consider your local resources. Lagging processor, insufficient memory, cache waiting for disk to catch up, that sort of thing?

  • The latest Opera fixes the issue and works with sandbox.

  • 24 hours of intensive browsing and no more freezing for me.

  • Opera still freezes on my system if not started with "--disable-seccomp-filter-sandbox" option. But when I want to add some more security to it using Firejail and AppArmor, Opera is not saving any settings! Every start gives me a welcome window and I have to reconfigure it again. I don't have the time and patience and I've switched to Vivaldi for now. It works perfectly with

    firejail --apparmor /usr/bin/vivaldi-stable --disable-seccomp-filter-sandbox %U
  • With the newest Opera version the freezes are gone in the VM. Sadly is this version constantly freezing/crashing on my Thinkpad with Linux Mint 19.3. I don't know if the Devs at Opera are testing their Linux build proper. But this is really annoying. In the VM I will use the latest Version and on my Thinkpad I will stay with 66.0.3515.72 and the ffmpeg fix.

  • @thomas-rager if synchronization is enabled on your linux mint, disable it.
    Then freezing will probably stop.

  • @minho I currently stay with version 66. This version is usable. I don't have time to beta test every new Opera Version.

  • Just to update, some months ago, Opera managed to fix this, and thank you all the programmers for this fix.