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Web apps support for desktop browser too?

  • @artexjay I'm an IT-engineer and have been developed PWA's. You are totally correct, it ease the support, because website and app are having the same code base. But it is up to each browser to support this feature and FF doesn't do that yet, which is a shame.
    I didn't knew FF are working on support for it...that's great 🙂

    By saying it goes against their design as they already have pre-installed e.g. Messenger. Means, yes, Opera need to be more flexible. Messenger is a PWA, so right now Opera needs to substitute the pre-installed apps with PWA's. Also make it possible to install new ones too.
    But I don't see that is going to happen anytime takes time to refactor that design (by design, I mean code wise).

    Yes, Opera have more problems, although their Android app is quite good and thumb friendly 🙂 Chrome could learn some there, if you don't set some flags...

  • @CraKen I will have to agree with you that Opera is quite stubborn to good change especially since they totally would be able to compete against Vivaldi's implementation of PWA in the sidebar. It would make more sense than just having a select few messengers on there.

    I agree Opera has quite a few issues, some of those issues are really old too.

  • I agreed about easy to use multiple platform.
    Also already switched to Edge and I can easily say I'm happy about it currently still need more functions. Faster than opera launch speed, slower page load, but if u install pwa 9-10 times faster than opera.

  • @brkeejp That is also my experience. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • I vote for this as well. Since PWA is a feature in Chromium, I just don't see why Opera's developers would remove this feature. Currently, I have Chrome installed for this purpose only.

  • It seems that devs dosnt even read these, i have moved to brave and firefox long time ago.. truly open source is key thing, there you have multiple ways to contact main developers and discuss features and bugs with them.

  • @survivor303 The Brave browser allows PWA then?

  • @pehkawn Yes. There will be a + sign at the right of the address field where you can install.

    Vivaldi has support too if you enable the PWA menu option at the URL vivaldi://experiments. Then, you'll be able to right-click the tab or page and choose "Install".

  • @burnout426 Thanks for tipping off about Brave! I am positively surprised how fast it is! I've already used Firefox for some time and are reasonably happy with it. However, there are certain extensions that are not available for Firefox, and I really like the PWA feature in Chrome. However, I have become increasingly paranoid about how much information is collected about my surfing habits. I installed Opera because it seemed to be a "privacy-oriented Chrome". Brave seem to accomplish this better, and without loss of desired functionality. I also like that it's open source.

  • @pehkawn Yes Opera is Secure but lack of most functions. Like PWA and Touch Screen support (desktop) I switched to Edge and I'm happy about it. They going forward. And yes Firefox is Most Secure one. But you can try Edge. They are added some security functions too.

  • I would like to see Opera support web apps as well.

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