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Web apps support for desktop browser too?

  • In Chrome and almost every other Chromium based browser, there is an option to make some website showing like a application (web app) on desktop mode and even run them from the system with a shortcut icon.

    These PWA (Progressive Web Apps) idea is to load without browser user interface elements, but i dont find that option in Opera desktop? Even Opera itself as a company promote PWA on it's mobile side but why they dosnt have support in the desktop?

    And i dont mean that they not load in Opera, ofcourse they load but i dont want see any of the bars or other elements from the browser when running them (idea of pwa). So just bring that feature back from the Chromium source to Opera too.

  • Yup I want it to. For this reason I (temporary) switched my browser to Edge Beta. Just saying I'm using Opera since 2008. But I want to use Opera instead. I switched to Opera for modern components.
    But if Edge add support Thumbnail for bookmarks, that's mean too late for Opera. I can switch Edge for just for this reason.
    I mean, I want to use my apps like this:
    Edge PWA

  • Here is another vote for PWA support in Opera desktop. By that I mean, opera loads the website, but treats it as an application.

  • @survivor303 MS Edge is the only browser that I know off to support PWA, the likes of Opera and other browser may follow if Google implements it. But would get my hopes too high.
    Implementation of PWA like Edge or even simple desktop apps would defeat the entire purpose of having messaging apps in the sidebar as well

  • @brkeejp That way works well with Discord btw and many web based games as well.

  • @artexjay Brave also supports PWA, like Chrome and MS Edge. But no Vivaldi.

  • @craigsn Vivaldi I believe sets webpages in their sidebar, so they don't really need PWA apps, if its always in their sidebar.

  • @artexjay Yeah, that's possible. thanks for the update on that. I still prefer Opera though 😉

  • @craigsn To each their own I personally prefer Vivaldi for the crazy amount of personalization and productivity features. And Yandex for being a more refined type of Opera.

  • @artexjay I agree with you. I don't know Yanex, but will install and take a look. Thanks for the info.

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