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Tab stacking as Firefox does it instead of this shrinking mess from Chrome/Opera

  • Can you guys at Opera please change the behavior of tabs when many are open to be scrollable sideways at fixed size instead of shrinking them till they become 2 millimeters wide? It's ridiculous. Opera shrinks them so far you don't even see any text on them anymore. And to make things even worse, if you're using it on a touch device like my hybrid HP X2 netbook, using touch to select a correct tab is like trying to press a keyboard button using Boeing 787 left wing.

    Firefox has this far more elegant. Tabs remain fixed size, so they are easily selectable, you can see the title on the tab, close it with the X button on it and to access more tabs, you simply drag the tabs and they scroll left and right.
    Why can't Opera use such system instead of idiotic one from Chrome? Google makes many good designs, but with this one, they totally missed all the GUI and UX design basics. Like, entirely.

  • As I have said before, that should be only an option.

  • Only thing or option, just not this horrid shrinking nonsense. Open 20 tabs and they become so tiny you can't see what's on it or even use any kind of commands on it. Who even wants them like this? They serve absolutely no purpose when they become so tiny.

  • You can open a list of tabs with the full titles from the button at the extreme right end of the tab bar.

  • I'd like to see the option to switch back and forth between those two options.

  • I could imagine it being problematic on touch screens, but I absolutely love the tab management in Opera. Plus, pressing the button on the far right will get you a list of all tabs to quickly find back that specific page you are looking for.

  • The thing is, I don't even remember to use that dropdown tab menu. I'm just so used to tab bar from Firefox it just doesn't even come to my mind...

  • I prefer the shrinking method and in no way want opera to adopt touch screen mechanisms. Too many touchscreen based UIs out there screwing up desktop apps.

  • Don't you think you're being selfish there? Just because YOU don't use it, that doesn't mean others don't. What exactly do you lose if tabs are fixed size and scrollable side to side opposed to getting shrinked into microscopic pixel when enough of them are open? Or like we agreed on top, being able to switch between both methods.

  • I'd say add a scroll button to go left or right once the tab width is below a certain length. Seems like an oversight to shrink tab size until its almost unusable.

  • You do realize, don't you, that you can read the whole title of a tab by mousing over it and reading a tooltip?

  • You do realize, don't you, that you can read the whole title of a tab by mousing over it and reading a tooltip?

    Good luck trying to do that on a Windows tablet using touch...

  • If I touch a tab on a tablet, I get the page.

  • and even after an year the opera has same stupid tabs. imagine
    @concretable do that for 300 tabs and inform us how much time it takes to wait for each tooltip to show you the information
    i find the matter of tab size to be very annoying and it kind of makes tabs useless when you stop being able to switch through them cause u can find the tab you need
    for now firefox does a very great job with tabs. probably the best there is

    Edit: i've just tested iexplorer. guess even iexplorer is much better that opera/chromium lol. im on w8 and have no clue how the "mighty" edge handles tabs

  • @loganj It doesn't even have to be something as extreme as 300 tabs. Things get weird at 50 tabs already. On a 24 inch 1080p monitor. Now imagine you're doing this on a hybrid netbook with 10 inch screen and touch (even at 30 tabs). Tapping the right microscopic tab is really annoying task, not to mention you don't really see anything until tapped. No such problem with Firefox where they elegantly solved this by shrinking tabs only to a certain point and then they stop doing that and you have to slide them left and right to see them all. Some might see it as a problem but isn't really. It just works.

    Or even better, Opera could offer both modes to users to choose from. "Shrinking" and "Sliding". So everyone can be happy using whatever they prefer. No other browser would offer this.

  • i know what you mean.
    even if you don't use touch screen you still have to search all tabs for the correct one.

  • I suggest using bookmarks. It is much easier.

  • @concretable
    i guess thats why programmers created tabs so that we can use bookmarks

  • @loganj
    You can use tabs temporarily without having to keep them going forever. It is very easy to back up bookmarks.

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