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When using the system's dark theme, Opera becomes problematic

  • (re-posting because the previous post is badly formatted)

    So build 46.2602, which I gather fixes this problem, now requires GKT-3, while any of the previous builds (I was using 46.2556) was perfectly happy to work with just GTK-2. I think this is bad. The new, higher requirements cut off from opera all Linux distros that don't include native GTK-3. Those are mostly the minimalistic distros (minimalistic not in the sense of "very few users" but rather "low system resource needs"). Is there a possibility to go back to GTK2 in a future build?

    objdump -p opera-developer 46.2556 vs 46.6202 diff
    2556   NEEDED     
    2556   NEEDED     
    2602   NEEDED     
    2602   NEEDED     
    2602   NEEDED     
  • Above information submitted as DNAWIZ-16093.

  • May I ask what distro are you on? Most gtk2 apps slowly move to gtk3 nowadays...

    Btw, opera-beta seems to depend on gtk3 as well

    $ apt-cache depends opera-beta | grep gtk
    Depends: libgtk-3-0
  • I'm on Puppy Linux, one of its many variants.

  • Not all of the Dark Theme problems were solved. Apparently, there are some parts of the interface which have nearly invisible text. The easiest example is to open a notification, where it will be seen the nearly invisible text. This is happening both with Opera Stable and Opera Developer.


    Alt text


    Alt text

    Apparently, there are still some theme-dependent text. As parts of the interface are theme-agnostic, some combinations are causing this issue. On the notifications regarding the battery, this problem appears too.

  • No problems here, on all versions

    (how do i upload images on img tags???)

  • This problem happens to me because I use a Dark Theme on the system too (Breeze-Dark on Xfce).

    This is the most complete guide I have found about Markdown.

  • I use a dark theme too (numix). It seems that in order to resolve the dark theme bug, opera's devs hardcoded a theme of their own in the browser. It appears on all menus inside opera that use gtk, eg flash's right clich menu.

  • I have the Numix theme available, and it is not dark as Breeze-Dark: with Numix, the background is white/light gray, while with Breeze-Dark, the background is dark gray/black.

    Appearance window with Numix:

    Alt text

    Appearance window with Breeze-Dark:

    Alt text

    The other Xfce theme with this problem is Xfce-dusk, which has colors similar to Breeze-Dark. All other themes, even Ambiance, end being light themes.

    Opera's theme being hard coded isn't being the problem, the problem is inconsistency: or everything is hard coded, or nothing is. When some of it is and some isn't, some edge cases may happen.

  • You are right. I just switched to arc-darker, a theme that is entirely dark and the problem of your images appears here as well.