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Just bring back an option for tab stacking!

  • Please please bring this back. I regularly have hundreds of tabs open, most of which are of the same domain and lend themselves perfectly to the wonderful tab stacking feature of opera 12. Please bring this back, I would even pay for this feature!

  • BRING THIS BACK! please and thank you 🙂

  • Bring this back please.

    Tab stacks and general stability (being able to run for weeks with many tabs open) used to be the main 'selling points' of Opera for me. With the number of tabs I routinely keep open I can't live without at least tab stacks and I am forced to use Firefox now because of this.

  • The Opera we used 5 years ago was the best even with room for improvement! Too bad the Internet is getting less and less compatible with it. Such a waste, like seeing a luxury ship rot and sink.

  • The Opera we used 5 years ago was the best even with room for improvement! Too bad the Internet is getting less and less compatible with it. Such a waste, like seeing a luxury ship rot and sink.


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  • Such a waste, like seeing a luxury ship rot and sink.

    That was not a bad description of it! Exactly how I see it. 🙂

  • that is one of many reasons why I am still using the original Opera 12.17.
    Hopefully, one day, there's a browser with all these awesome advantages again.
    I cannot understand why Opera invented so many things and throwed them away with the introducing of new engine. :|

  • @ma-maddin: There is: Vivaldi.

  • Thank you for sharing. I will follow this project 🙂

  • In order not to make "repeat requests", I merely submit my vote for the return of tab stacking here!

  • +1 :yes:
    since opera 12 i am always eager to update opera to find out if the stacking feature has returned or not but i am still waiting.I think i should just go back to version 12.
    Stacking was one of the main features of opera that was keeping me to use any other browser

  • Add me to the list.

    This is what I miss:

    Opera Dragonfly -
    Tab stacking -
    Tab behaviour -
    Tab Trash, or Undo closed tabs -
    Separate Search box -
    Sidebar / Panels -
    Quickfind and find -
    Full functionality of synchronization -
    Notes -

  • +1 for this feature... very helpfull with tabs organization. You can add this feature with some checkbox so if you dont want to use it your tabs will not stack together.

  • My tab bar is usually crowded with at least 20 to 25 tabs. For obvious reasons, each displays nothing but an icon and a few letters. Other than those favicons, there is no clear visual distinction that helps me keep track of which tabs belong to which of the three to five topics I am currently interested in.

    One might suggest to use multiple browser windows, but lacking a way to move groups of tabs between them, this is not a practical approach. Neither would I want to open a new window ahead of time whenever some page could lead to five, fifteen, or zero new tabs. Pre-planning your browser usage like this is neither convenient nor feasible.

    This brings us to the suggestion of tab stacking, which was one of the things that Opera 12 had just right.

    Go and watch at the youtube video that introduced it back then.

    Explaining it in terms of paper stacks made it easily understandable and accessible. Tab stacking was fully integrated with drag and drop. Double-clicking a stacked tab would open or close the stack. Hovering over a closed stack would show previews of all contained tabs, with the option of selecting one of them. All transitions were visualized with smooth animations. Thanks to the autostack extension, opening links in a new tab would automatically create a new stack.

    Tab stacking felt complete and polished. Other browsers or browser extensions have tried to replicate that experience, including the upcoming Vivaldi, but their implementations are clumsy compared to what we had back then.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  • Yeah, please add it back! The Opera 11 video that you made was not so long ago if you keep it in perspective. You can't just have changed you minds totally. I know that Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner was not the only one leaving when you changed direction, but I can't believe that the whole company has been replaced? And as airforce25228 said, you can make it optional, you can even turn it off by default if you really want it that way.

  • I came by to see if there had been any progress on this issue... apparently not.

    Since Opera 12.17 is getting really obsolete, with most large websites (Google, YT, tumblr) showing borked/ancient versions of their upgraded selves, and Opera Blink lacks too many features for my liking, I've switched semi-permanently to Firefox. But there's no tab-stacking app - I tried Tab Utilities but it's outdated (won't work on the latest versions).

    Tab-stacking is amazing, and amazingly useful. It means I can split my workflow and and my thoughts into different groups of tags - e.g. stick a lot of research for one project in one stack, work on a second project in another. The favicons are often the same, so without tab stacks having to remember which tab is which is a pain in the bum.

    And as gregorw says, multiple windows are very impractical, not to mention messy. Bookmarks/reading lists are not a substitute, since I need immediate access to each site.

  • I'm lacking this feature too. It would be a good move for Opera to mark its difference from Chrome by providing unique feature and by listening to their users...

  • Oh yes I am really missing the tab grouping/stacking feature that made Opera unique!

  • This is definitely one of the most actively discussed suggestions for Opera browser since v. 15. Personally, I miss it more than any other features of the pre-12 Opera. And because of the lack of the real tab stacking I feel uncomfortable with any other browser.

    So, please, bring it to the new engine. And, if possible, with the auto-stacking functionality built-in. Please?