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Just bring back an option for tab stacking!

  • I'm cynical about Opera anymore and I too used to be enthusiastic about it. Now I just use it(still version 12.16, couldn't deal with the new version) because it's the most tolerable of browsers I've used. Please bring back tab stacking and the other things that made earlier versions the best(of Opera and browsers). What's it going to take? If most Opera users today stopped using Opera would they finally, I'm not holding my breath.

  • eh, I'm not holding my breath.

    I wouldn't either, you could turn purple, or even worse, blue!!!.

  • Opera is being developed. We don't really know what the final vision for the new browser is. We can say that the new browser is fast, compatible with most sites online unlike the older browser and showing both innovation and a readiness to listen and add features that have been requested. Given that it has been entirely rewritten, time is the order of the day. In other words, be patient and wait for it. If that order is too big for you, then continue with the older browser and keep an eye on the new browser's development.

  • I suppose they will make the tabs stacking. To many people want it.
    So be of good thoughts.

  • I suppose they will make the tabs stacking. To many people want it.
    So be of good thoughts.

    I hope you are right.
    I'm also in for "Tab Stacking" as one of the painfully missing features for me.

  • So many new verssions and we still don't have it.
    I wonder what the devs are changing in these verssions because I don't see any changes.

  • Another vote. I am feeling a bit distraught about this whole thing. This is life changing in a bad way. Please can someone help me uninstall this massive downgrade so I can go back to what I had.

    The only reason I use Opera is for the ability to stack tabs and save sessions. These features made Opera a million kazillion miles better than any other browser. Now they're gone? Also, there's no ability to open a private tab anymore.

  • I'd like to add that Opera would crash more often than other browsers and wasn't always compatible with every website, yet I USED Opera BECAUSE I COULD STACK TABS. Without this feature I am definitely not going to use Opera.

  • The old Opera does indeed crash quite a bit. However I would've assumed a long time ago that they would have made significant improvements a long time ago to address that issue. I had to uninstall the new Opera because I couldn't stand it either, I don't remember exactly where to get the better versions but I think that they're still somewhere on this site.

  • I just installed Opera again after a year or two not using it. I was using Chromium on my linux box for work, and just now remembered and wished I had the tab stacking ability of Opera. So, I installed it. Where is the tab stacking? This is the only reason I came back to Opera, to make my work smoother and faster, one of the best features is now gone.

    Bring back tab stacking please.

  • Please include tab stacking

  • i back to ask again for including the tab stacking

  • +1

    I used this everyday.

  • One of the features that would bring me back to Opera. I've used opera for more than 10 years, now my prime browser is Firefox. I have Opera developer installed, just to see how it is progressing. Using it atm, but is it good enough? Nope.

    Please bring back Tab Stacking ASAP!

  • I won't use opera 25 till they fix this
    I'm using an old version and firefox instead

  • Still waiting...

  • I mean, why would you disable such a good feature?!
    There are not even any expansions that let you do this...

  • @dax01 it's cause they switched engine, so they didn't really disable it. But many users think that it should be implemented again.

  • Users are right to think that tab stacking and all of the other good features from previous versions be implemented. Those features along with the speed were the pride of Opera 5 years ago and if re-implementing them would make Opera a little less speedy people probably wouldn't care much, so many of us would be happy to compromise somewhat. I couldn't stand to use the new Opera version for more than an hour, still using 12.17! If this doesn't change soon enough I'll have no choice but to start using another browser as this version becomes less and less compatible with the Internet. Another matter might be that Opera likely has only a mere fraction of the financial power of the other companies.

  • Please please bring this back. I regularly have hundreds of tabs open, most of which are of the same domain and lend themselves perfectly to the wonderful tab stacking feature of opera 12. Please bring this back, I would even pay for this feature!