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  • Rooting your phone is just wandering into another minefield. They'd love you to do that, so you lose everything on your phone, as well as the saved pages. It's all just a Satanic trial to see what your breaking point is.

    Btw, people stating that saved pages aren't supposed to be kept long term (wtf¿) Yeah, just go down to your local reference library / bookshop / university / translator of ancient religious / mystical manuscripts etc etc etc... Just pull all those 'saved pages' off the shelves & burn them. I mean some of them have been around for weeks, completely out of date, can't possibly have any value.

    Seriously, WTF???

  • I need a way to backup saved pages too... preferable as mht files.
    I save pages not for offline case, but for permanent site down/block.

  • Like i said, easiest (non-rooting) way is copy/paste each saved page url from Opera Mini into UC-browser; reload the page; then use UC's free save-page add-on (makes .mht, .html or .txt in FINDABLE user location). Slow but it works. It also punishes Opera by increasing UC's popularity, hopefully motivating Opera to stop working against us.

  • Android is a platform that runs applications on linux kernel.For that,you have to know about linux filesystem.You must know that /data is not readable by any user other than root user .Rooting is the only way to get those files.But,keep in mind that after rooting you will not get warranty .

  • It would also help if the ENDLESS PESTERING to update my version of opera mini included some reassurance that doing so won't void all my saved pages & bookmarks. Completely obvious requirement - which can only mean that the omission is deliberate.

  • @whatever999:


    opera's mini coders seem to have left the sinking ship or are too busy windowdressing this thing plus adding more traps to sniff out user data and force them into alphabet's tentacles.

    @leocg's statement

    "Saved pages aren't meant to be a way to keep pages forever or even for a long time."

    is just plain corporate bs to divert from their unwillingness or inability to allow users access to their saved pages and exctract the data for export into any readable format for future use or backup.

    \rant off

  • Take a look here

    Windows 10 (x64) | Anniversary Update
    Opera Stable · Beta · Developer

    Test profile | Back up Linux · Mac · Win

  • @zalex108:

    wow. brilliant and elegant, very easy and not l33t at all.

    with this simple solution even drunk or stupid people can now retrieve their saved pages.

    and opera's devs don't have to loose any sleep about this issue any longer...

  • @zalex108:

    \sarc off.

    many thanks for posting. will try myself and must memorize howto.

  • Yes, the usual arcane sadism, of course (config //dat.m.fil_sys.///satan_index:rep.fil.666#_bin:\list: blah blah blah ad nauseum infinitum), don't even know if you're supposed to have 'rooted' (ooh matron!) your phone... But there must've been something useful there or they wouldn't have closed it almost immediately!