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Opera Mini 11 beta 1 for Android

  • hi opera team,
    opera mini 11 have bug in show image in extreme mode,
    images not completelly load,this issue occured in facebook and alot sites.
    thanks for your supports

  • @regfav, @worship49, thanks for letting us know this, it is a bug that happens to some installations only and we're trying to solve it now. For now it should be possible to save pages using "High" compression if you really need a certain page saved.

    Edit: The save page problem was fixed on the server side during Friday afternoon. So it should be possible to save pages again now.

  • Thanks, the "save pages" issue seems fixed now.

    Now, the issue of images not showing is still there:

    If you navigate with images disabled, and then try to open some image, the image opened in a new tab will not show up, but the image is there.. you can only see the image in the tab thumbnail or when you try to zoom the image.

    Looking forward for a fix..

    I hope you can understand my English.. 🙂

  • Hi opera mini team,wow luvin where the bookmarks and saved pages are moved to,much easier now to get my bookmarks and saved pages also tab gallery is awesome,so far workin grt on my galaxy pocket neo,so thankful to opera for an amazin browser on android:)

  • opera mini major problem. ...text size changing automatically to large.....This problem is in all versions. ....Please solve this....

  • Now opera mini is not remembering the logged pages.
    Some cookies issues?
    v10 and v11 beta here...

  • same here as regfav, not remembering logged pages...started this morning, using 11 beta.


  • How to stop Opera Mini automaticly add its own speed dials??
    Every time I restarts Opera Mini it adds 8 new speed dials for its own....some of them some Opera stuff and then from my phone supplier, some games pages etc etc....REALLY ANNOYING...HOW CAN THIS BE STOPPED???

  • opera mini beta uses more ram than before, and it is on extreme setting not high(Turbo) .

  • I must admit the new look is amazing.... but I did love the style of the saved pages... looked cool

    Still testing....

  • opera mini 11 has many bugs......

    1. image is not appearing properly in certain sites...
      2)automatic text size changing. ...
      3)opera download manager is only capable of downloading small files ....because when we download large files when we minimise and reopen opera that file will be disappearing or it will be failed to download. ...
      4)speed is slow..........

    Opera mini needs more improvements....and add more features. ......

  • @regfav, @vjgrace, We had a server problem related to cookies which caused the login issues you were seeing, but that should have been resolved during yesterday. Thanks for reporting this.

    @julio66, if you delete the unwanted speed dials and then load at least one page in "Extreme" data savings mode they should not come back again.

  • @gireeshakumarm about the automatic text size changing. Can you please tell me when this happens to you? I have tried to set the text size (for Extreme data savings) to small, then load a couple of pages, restart Opera Mini and then load a couple of more pages. But the text size stays small all the time.

    Please note that the text size setting only applies to the extreme data savings mode, it doesn't change how text is rendered in the High data savings mode.

  • hello..
    text size is changing when we browsing in extreme ....that problem occurs when we opening Facebook. com
    or etc.....This problem is irritating me.....

  • I decided to take Extreme mode for a spin... and wow... am delighted.. it's much more stable than OM 10... and more over bugfree from certain bugs affecting OM 10...

    Am not affected with the text size issue... I would suggest you uninstall and reinstall the beta again

  • What i dont understand is WHY we cant set the text size in "normal mode" (saving mode) but only in Extreme mode?
    Setting the text size to small makes pages look really nice on my device but unfortunately to many pages doesn't function at all in Extreme mode so I can't use it.
    It shouldn't be to much work for Opera to give us the same options for "settings" in Saving mode as Extreme mode???

  • @gireeshakumarm: We are still unable to see the problem with font size changing to large automatically. Can you please let us know the exact steps you take after you have set the font size until it changes back to large. That could help us find out what is wrong.

    Also we just released an update to Opera Mini Beta that improves page loading in Extreme mode. Completely white pages should be shown for a bit shorter time now before content is shown and we have also fixed some problems with images not being displayed on certain pages. This could be the same issue you mentioned in an earlier comment.

  • How about "images off" in "high" mode?
    Why it's not possible?

  • In this newest beta release, when I try open some of my speed dial pages, they only show like:
    "Error 404 (Not Found)!!1"
    It says exactly like that.
    In the previous release of Beta 11 it worked perfect

  • newest beta release have no automatically text changing problem but image problem is still exist. ........and please add more features. .....