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Opera Mini 10 beta 1 for Android

  • @baunz, it is intentional that Opera Mini leaves night mode after turning off the screen or using other apps. We want to avoid that you pick up your phone in a bright place and are unable to see anything just because you didn't turn off night mode before you stopped using Opera the last time.

    Persist on lock screen with opera mini in background though, after turning off the screen as you say.

    It should be disabled after 30 seconds to not accidentally disable night mode if the screen is briefly turned off accidentally while reading a long text without touching the phone for a while.

  • Turbo has some drawbacks, since it uses server based compression. also opera browser has a fully functional rendering engine, ie chromium, and thus has full support for web based apps and features. I think Turbo was added due to many requests for support for advance JavaScript and HTML 5 support. anyway ios opera mini has Turbo, mini and uncompressed mode, so why shouldn't android get them.

    To implement partially HTML5 and ditch that for full support on Turbo doesn't have any sense requested by users or not. I think Opera guys are eager to test Opera Mini native browser and improve Turbo as being the techiest stuff perhaps due to low feedback on Opera Mobile or just following the timetable. In any case doing one move with one purpose only it's a bad strategy.

  • Thanks for the feedback... I now understand the importance of the feature going off...

  • Turn off the screen and turn on again, this forum page being loaded. The scroll is chunked in attempt to scroll up and down. Open another tab + Google search, close that tab + on\off screen thing; result: scrolling problem doesn't persist. Running on a tabled with default app layout, Chrome 30.

  • @barsk, so turbo mode in both opera mini and opera for android are same in rendering web pages??

  • Depending on data sessions at times highlighted terms got an option to be searched with Google Now and other times Search menu doesn't appear. Also is not linked directly to GP.

    Edit: in fact doesn't depend on sessions, from Feeds pages result direct search.

  • A couple things I noticed:

    1 - Can't force reload a page yet. Will need a forced proxy refresh.

    2 - Text Size has no effect yet. In my case, it uses the Amazon WebView FireOS font size settings as default font size. (be aware of that)

  • @vigneshlin Not quite. It will be a Blink rendering engine in most cases on recent devices.
    But Turbo mode in 'Opera Mini' loads the default WebView that comes with your Android OS.
    While turbo in 'Opera for Android' uses the full custom Opera Blink rendering engine. Generally that means Turbo mode in 'Opera Mini' is slightly less capable with eventual feature restrictions and not the evergreen/edge version of 'Opera for Android'.

  • @hexalys, thank u bro

  • Hello,

    I use Opera Mini Beta (10), Opera Mini (9) and Opera on my Android and I love all of them.
    Now the problem with Mini Beta is that it always installs itself on the SD card and not on the phone/tablet memory so after cleaning Dalvik/Cache it it gone.
    Even updates via the Play Store are installed on the SD card and all the time I have to manually move it back to the tablet memory.
    I use Cyanogenmod (Omni ROM 4.4.4) on my tablet.
    Is there a possibility to install the browser in the phone memory by default please?
    This is the only of my 40 apps I am using which causes this problem.

    Thanks for you good work on these browsers and I like the new "Opera Mini - Opera Turbo" function.

  • Why not a direct link to the apk too?
    Not everyone uses play store.
    Just saying...

  • Resolving Mini browser must read a ftp file sending the link to Opera Mobile or Classic. Link

  • When I try to use the opera turbo I got this error:

    It never worked here.
    Any ideas?

  • Oh, I forgot to say that I'm lollipop 5.1.1 r4

  • I have been watching replicas of my bookmark... ever since this UI and rendering switched hands.... I can see two or three bookmarks of the same link... Is this a bug.... ?

  • Wow grt new release,luvin tht opera turbo has been added,keep u the grt work,opera mini on android is amazing:)

  • data:text/html,chromewebdata URL have some meaning? Got it once.

  • This version can now almost replace the normal Opera for Android. It's very similar to the iOS version of Opera Mini, where you also can switch compression method. And on that platform, there is only Opera Mini. (except for Opera Coast)

  • This version can now almost replace the normal Opera for Android. It's very similar to the iOS version of Opera Mini, where you also can switch compression method. And on that platform, there is only Opera Mini. (except for Opera Coast)

    Doesn't replace anything, it's a duplicate for default browser. It was tested before as part of Oupeng branch.

  • does opera mini beta have a rendering engine for Turbo mode.

    Your native browser does, in my case Chrome 30. With Nexus devices you may have a cutting-edge browser.

    My bad. Opera 10 on an Asus Nexus 7 running Android 4.3 mark 228 points at

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