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Add Bookmark Dialog (Heart Buton in Adress bar) Uses 125 % Web Page Zoom Level, is Unusable


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    I had to reinstall Opera (Messenger in sidebar was crashing the program) and I encountered new issue. I use 125 % as default zoom level for webpages (high DPI display). However, Opera decides to use this zoom level on its UI elements as well. I could "zoom out" most of them (speed dial, settings, bookmarks etc.) back to 100 % with one exception: Add bookmark dialog. It is so large that when I want to add new bookmark to one of my folders, confirmation button is off screen. How to fix this?

    Also, could we not be doing this thing, when I want JUST webpages to be larger, to scale UI as well? If I wanted larger UI elements, I would be just using DPI scaling in OS itself, thank you very much.

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