How to post about a problem with Opera Mini


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If you would like to post about a issue you are facing in Opera, please make sure to include the following information as it will help other people in trying to check the problem and help you.

  • Topic title/subject (if you are opening a new one): It should be a short summary of the problem. Example: 'Can't play video on site xyz' or 'Opera crashes if I open settings page'

  • Use one topic per issue unless they are related. Many issues being discussed on the same topic may confuse people.

In the topic body, include the following:

  • Description: Here you will describe what the problem is with the most details as possible but being objective and concise.

  • Steps to reproduce: Here you will show what people should do to try to reproduce the problem. Example: Go to page zyx; click on 'this', etc

  • Actual result: What do you see, what happens when you do the steps you have listed above

  • Expected result: What should be the correct behaviour when performing those steps

  • OS: Your phone's OS

  • Phone model: Your phone model (Samsung S7, Sony Xperia Z3, Iphone, Nokia, etc)

  • Country and ISP (Internet Service Provider): The country you are in and your ISP.

  • Data saving mode: If you are using High or Extreme mode

  • URL: If the problem is with a page, post its address here

  • Version of Opera: What Opera Mini version you are using

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