@yr4ik07 said in Opera freezes on windows 10: Something has changed. It does not freeze completely. But does not open sites. New video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CmHCaDEONwu8YRJ3vYIdQzuGrEo0KHyt/view?usp=sharing Just to make sure I understood the video right, Opera was loading sites at first, but then stopped loading sites right at the time where it would freeze if hardware acceleration was on? And, when this happens, Chrome loads sites fine still? I noticed in VPN is on. If you disable VPN, does that fix the loading part from happening (and perhaps the freezing part when hardware acceleration is on)? Since it doesn't freeze when hardware acceleration is off, that might mean a GPU driver issue. But, with the connection issue too, not sure. Can you reproduce the issues (hardware acceleration on and then off) with a standalone installation (which will give you a fresh profile)? Don't enable Sync or VPN in it. If you have any security software like anti-virus, try disabling it for a bit just to see if it's interfering with Opera. Another thing, you can try with "Opera Beta" and "Opera Developer" to see if if they freeze/crash. Maybe it's a bug that's already fixed in upcoming versions. See the right side of https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/ for download links.